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  • carla

    what if you thought someone was baptized quite a while back and just found out that in fact they weren't!!!!? but plan to now. Any quick suggestions?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Tell them not to do it, make a run for it while they still have the chance. If they want a reason, bring them on here to read a few experiences.

  • carla

    help, any more ideas?

  • magoo

    ..................."shun" them?


  • greendawn

    If they can use the internet they should do some careful research through it on the JWs to see the other side of the coin all the negative things the dubs concealed from them.

    Otherwise they run the risk of getting ostracised by all of them if they later find out these bad things and decide to leave.

  • jgnat

    It depends on how invested you are in the person. I'd ask lots of questions, and if you are close, invite yourself along. Read some of the baptism questions they have to answer, link below, and ask if they agree with all that. Be specific. Ask about everything. Ask about the physics of the baptism; is it t-shirt and bathing suit, does the t-shirt have to be plain, can it be colored, do the dunkers talk to the candidates, how do they plug their nose, where does the tank come from, do they put chlorine in the water, when do they get changed in to their outfit? And on and on.

    What you get from the twenty questions is you remove the mystique. It doesn't become an act of separation any more, just a utilitarian act. Your person may change their mind if it isn't fun any more.


    The reason I think your person is at the point of no return is that when they are planning it, they usually have a study leader assigned to them. They've likely already been earmarked for the next big convention. There will be a lot of pressure to follow through.

  • ballistic
    what if you thought someone was baptized quite a while back and just found out that in fact they weren't!!!!? but plan to now. Any quick suggestions?

    depends what they were planning to get baptised into???

  • carla

    Does anyone remember a thread about questions to ask someone before being baptized? I searched 'best of' and 'beliefs & doctrines', I will continue but just thought maybe someone would remember.

    jgnat, there is no way I could go, to me that would be showing support. Which I certainly do not support jw baptism or anything else jw. He knows that. I think he would find it odd if I did ask to go.

  • kls

    Carla , really , there is not much you can do and i am sorry . I wish someone here had an answer for you but really ,what can anyone do ,even you to stop it .


  • SPAZnik

    The most poignant thing a non-dub ever said to me, after asking me "why" and listening to my answer, was, simply, "It's not for me."

    It made me ask myself, and that non-dub, "why not?"

    It also made me look further for the answers to questions and answers not crafted by the dubs.

    It made a difference to me that this person did not insult my intelligence by trying to tell me what to do or trying to do all the work for me. Nor did this person behave or speak from a position of superiority.

    Thanks for asking....it made me think.

    SPAZZY :)

    ps - I can't help but wonder, if it didn't matter before, when you thought this person was already dunked, why does it really matter so much now that you just found out they aren't?

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