what if

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  • kls
    ps - I can't help but wonder, if it didn't matter before, when you thought this person was already dunked, why does it really matter so much now that you just found out they aren't?

    Spaz, if Carla is talking about who i think she means ,,,,,,,,,,It does matter but not much she can do .

    Heres hoping i am wrong.

  • carla

    Why does it matter now? I'm just shocked because I thought it was already done. As a ubm, I guess this speaks volumes in the communication dept. Also, do you think life will get easier or more difficult around here with the new self righteous feeling that will accompany this act? I know how it will be. I've read enough of everybody else's stories. The best I can hope for then is for him to get df'd for something and see for himself the 'loving' nature of the hells.

  • kls

    Poor Carla , you have to go through this shit again. Gawd i wish i could help you

    ((((((((((((( Hugs )))))))))

  • jgnat

    Hey, there's always hope.

    Check out those questions to see if there's anything "hindering" him from being baptized. You could always rat him out.

    Second, if your man is in to attention, there's going to be a precipitous drop after baptism. He may start to have second thoughts then.

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