Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas ... who cares!

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  • free2beme

    I would bet a lot of Jehovah Witnesses have ruined Christmas Parties. We are a society to worried about offending people.

  • lisaBObeesa

    My son has a child in his third grade class that is a witness, so the entire class can have no Christmas activities at all, no birthday cupcakes, no valentine exchange, nothing.

    I know it sucks for the JW kid to leave the room durring holiday activities (I had to do it), but I still think that is how it should be rather than messing it up for everyone else.

  • Eyebrow2

    jeez louueeezzz...I had no problem leaving the class or staying home. Gosh almighty...the schools down here call them winter festivals or winter feats etc...

    How about "Winter Trees?" Does that sound stupid, too?

    Hmmm....yes, I am being a bit silly, I agree. It just doesn't sound right the holiday trees...but that is just a matter of semantics for me, it doesn't offend me.
    I hate the words panties and purse too. Don't know what to tell you...I am a freak I guess.

  • delilah
    I personally, think things should be left as they've been for the past few centuries. Those persons, who do not celebrate the Christmas holidays, can work my shift, so I can be home to enjoy the holiday with my family. How 'bout that? If they do not want to be present at the staff Christmas party, then they can STAY HOME. Chances are, they weren't invited in the first place!!! I do not go 'round criticizing their celebrations,(Lord knows the JW's don't have many)so why do they feel it necessary to wreak havoc on the rest of us? Christmas has always been Christmas, Easter has always been Easter, etc., etc., Don't they have anything better to do, with their measly lives? Like go door to door and save lives of heathens? I do not care what religion my neighbours are, or what they celebrate, I don't picket them, they should have the same courtesy. Can't we all, just get along? Enjoy the festivities? Share the love? and with that, I'd like to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and have a wonderful holiday, to everyone.
  • bikerchic

    Hee,hee it was me.......I took the Christ out of Christmas........X-mas! X-mas it is for me! Being a non Christian why would I wish anyone a Merry Christmas? I tell my customers at work Happy Holidays, which for me includes New Years with X-mas.

    I'm not offended when someone expresses the Holiday greatings in the manner which they celebrate it, after all it's a world wide holiday and to each his own..............just show me the money, errr gifts! LOL

  • forsharry

    As my older brother "Truck of Steel" says, Happy Festivus!

    or my personal favorite, Merry Chrismakwanzikah! I think i'm going to put that on a cake this year for our office.

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