Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas ... who cares!

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  • free2beme

    I am so sick of this whole, "War of Christmas" junk that the conservative groups are harping on this year. I have people on my own street with signs that say "Keep Christ in Christmas!" Give me a break! Saying happy holidays to the general public, when we are in the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), is not offense. On 12/25 say Merry Christmas, on 01/01, say Happy New Year. Maybe the world needs to take the lead from the Witnesses and just learn to say "thank you" when people say something that does not represent the holiday you believe in. I work in a call center and talk to 100's of people in a day and all I can say is what ever they say to me, back to them. As we do not want to offend people or upset anyone. Being a Witness in my past, I understand this. Not everyone believes the same and not everyone feels that you need to say this to people. I have people who say, "... god bless" to me at the end of these questions or comments. I don't get offended and demand they stop, I just say "thank you." So if someone chooses to play it safe as a business or organization and just say "Happy Holidays!" I think they make more sense then those who just want "Merry Christmas." The world is not all Christian and December is not one holiday.

    Do you think it has gotten overboard?

  • IP_SEC

    Mountains can be made of just about any mole hill.

  • whyamihere

    Happy Jesus Day!


  • LittleToe

    Each to their own, I say. If some want to jump up and down, let them. If some want to play it quiet, let them. Just enjoy it for what you enjoy out of it and b*gger everyone else

  • free2beme

    Does a non-Christian really get offended by "Merry Christmas?" If so, is it because they want to preach their own beliefs or is there actually something inside that hurts them to hear this?

  • heathen

    Bahhhh Humbug . I kinda feel the same way about christmas . People don't really care if you have a merry christmas or not they only care about what they get on christmas . I never say merry christmas to anybody , I'm not really ofended by it tho just don't like having to exsplain when asked why I don't like christmas all the time . It usually starts with , are you a j-dub?

  • Eyebrow2
  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I'm not on the same page as some who seem to be making the fuss. I understand it. But doesn't bother me. I would never want to offend anyone. I've never met someone who was offended by Merry Christmas but I will tell you what does make me angry.

    My sister, our fellow apostate, does now celebrate Christmas. She is a manager at Walmart. She looked forward every year to the annual Christmas party which was one of the few things she actually enjoyed about her thankless job.

    A few years ago someone complained. ONE person complained. This ONE person was a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. Because of this ONE person they are not allowed to have the annual Christmas party anymore. THAT is wrong and that is what some people are upset with. The majority is being overided by the ONE and it is just not right.

  • Eyebrow2

    I agree...it is crazy...just say thank you, and add your own greeting if you so desire.

    If some says to me Merry Christmas, I am going to smile and say "Thank you! And have a Happy Human Light Day!"

    And in February, I will say Happy Darwin Day...which down here in TX may get me some looks, heehee. Don't forget, Happy Festivus!!!

    The right wing is going nuts right now. So sad. Yes, you can keep Jesus in Christmas...just don't make everyone else forgo their holiday celebrations that have nothing to do with Jesus, thank you very much. (Not that Christmas - except for the Christ in the name- has anything to do with Christmas celebrations.)

    I do agree that "Holiday Trees" just sounds stupid. But that's just me.


    Who cares? Apparently Bill O'Reilly!

    I do agree that "Holiday Trees" just sounds stupid. But that's just me.

    How about "Winter Trees?" Does that sound stupid, too?


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