Some fun w/US Watchtower numbers

by jstalin 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • jaguarbass

    Looks like when I escaped in 83 there were only 352 of us to make it out.

  • sir82
    I think you'll have to attribute about 100,000 people that have died to the atttrition.

    Far more than that. The statistical rule of them, if you don't have concrete data on ages, is 1% of the population per year.

    But still, there are definitely 100's of thousands of ex-JWs out there!

  • Balsam

    I just noticed that there was a lot of folks who left in 1974 just before the 1975 predicted end, then of course even more left in 1975. I wonder what got them leaving prior to the big date? I came in the witnesses in 1971 and I wasn't even aware of that many people leaving during those 2 years. That was a lot of people for what we had in back then. I noticed a very small number leaving in 2001, but I know I left and I've met many people who faded during that year which were not counted I assume. It seems the rate of people coming in and leaving is very erratic and while they come in, it seems many leave later. I talked to a JW who told me that the 1975 prediction was never predicted by the society that it was weak ones who came up with the date. I thought what that is crazy. Fred Franz, Nathan Knorr and others kept us all hyped up for the end. She came into the witnesses in 85. I didn't leave till 2001 and I could not help but wonder where she got that information.


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