Just watched LOTR!

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  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Believe it or not, I just saw LOTR for the first time this weekend. Being a good little dub, I thought it was "deemo" and refused to see it when it came out. I finally got over myself and watched the first two movies this weekend and OMG! It rocked! My brother and I stayed up late on Saturday to watch the first one then got up early on Sunday, had a lovely breakfast and watched the second one. We'll be getting together this weekend to finish off the trilogy. I can't wait!
    tall penguin

  • AuldSoul

    Oh, WOW! You just saw it? You are correct on its kick-ass factor of 10.


  • Jourles

    Best "trilogy" ever made.

  • Effervescent

    Aren't they awesome? I've watched them multiple times, along with the thousand hours of extras.

    Now you need to read the books... they're just as kick ass.

  • Legolas

    If I had a dollar for every time I watched it I would be rich! ...No Joke!

    I own the Trilogy...and hence my name "Legolas"!

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  • jgnat

    It took me a long time to recognize the honesty in myth that Tolkein creates in his magical world. Excerpted from the linked article:

    The essence of the gospel and of fairy-tales is, in Tolkien's own word, euchatastrophe--the surprising, hopeful turn in all man's despair and sorrow. Joy is the result, a brief glimpse springing out of the inherent evangelium of the genre.(4)This is the dominant note of, and even the apology for, fairy-tales.


  • AuldSoul
    Now you need to read the books...they're just as kick ass.

    ...and more so, I read 'em for the first time when I was 14.


  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    I'm not sure I'd be able to handle the books. I've never been one for reading fiction. I especially find fantasy difficult because of all the details--place names, different characters, lands, geography, etc. I can keep it together visually on screen, but unfortunately, I have a difficult time visualizing it and keeping it straight in my brain if I'm reading it.
    I'll stick to the movies for now. I'm sooooo looking forward to watching the last one.
    tall penguin

  • mrsjones5

    The last one "Return of the King" is the icing on the cake, you will enjoy it very much. And I also recommend reading the trilogy (I have several times - it's always a good read )


  • aniron

    tall penguin said

    Being a good little dub, I thought it was "deemo" and refused to see it when it came out

    Hey! the number of JW's who I know who went to see it. Plus the number of JW's I know have read the book.

    Couple of years ago I lent my copy to the son of the Presiding Overseer, he was about 25. His father the PO said it was the first time he had seen his son read a book right through.

    I was introduced to LOTR when I was 15, I've read it practically every year since, I'm now 55.

    A couple of Saturdays ago I spent the day watching the three films (extended versions) again.

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