Desolation of Jerusalem

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    Perhaps you shoulf forward your sarcasm to Carl Jonsson and admonish him to have his hypothesis submitted for a peer review and that it also should be published in a prominent scholarly journal. However, as he is not a scholar in any academic sense I doubt whether any institution would take his cultic defection seriously and have any of his nonsense published.

    scholar JW

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Why do I get a sense of deja vu with all of scholar's posts?

  • Jeffro
    Perhaps now you will have the intellectual honesty to admit to the fact that Jonsson and yourself have made a blunder in asserting that the Jonsson hypothesis now consists of not 17 lines of different evidence but of 18 lines of different evidence.

    Even if there were an error of the number of lines of evidence, you have not effectively refuted any of those lines of evidence, so your misdirection is irrelevant.

    Your previous post on your nonsense regarding 538, Jeremiah 25:12 and the misuse of Josephus will be replied to when I am ready and not before and it will be of my own making and not that of any other person.

    Any refutation you offer in accord with your interpretation will, by necessity of the Society's flawed views, be invalid, so we won't get too excited in anticipation.

  • Gedanken

    Oh Laudacious Scholar,

    Forsooth, I have been noticed! My heart doth quake and my loins grow moist as those of a virgin who catcheth the eye of her prince! How I wish I could translate my innermost feelings into long words, well built phrases both loquacious and fair. If only the thoughts welling up in my now quick beating heart could be translated into prose limpid and true, words expressing with precision my true delight, even in your hastily thrown off rebuke. Instead my tongue groweth thick in my mouth, my lips do fairly fatten and fall away, and so the words emerge stillborn, dismembered bloody corpses which stick with a great stickiness to this electronic parchment. And yet, for all that I take my rebuke seriously and address your lofty admontion even from my disgustingly low place down here in the dust.

    Dear Scholar, unlike the sorely misled Dr Johnsson whose tome only serves to advance the conventional wisdom, being based on the published reserach of others (and so not itself publishable in scholarly journals, as you well know, oh you tricky scholar you!) yours alone is new in all the land. Publication is reserved for those with novel findings - primary and original findings that shake the very academic community to its roots and, with a great upheaving sound, do rend the actual livers of those who defend the status quo into many pieces, and cast them both far and near, to the four corners of this Earth and beyond. This is what is in your grasp - the learned Johnsson can only hope to add a small piece or two to the jigsaw puzzle now extant while you and your coterie of celebrated Watchtower scholars can overthrow the field itself and start anew! Throw these men out of their ivory towers and have at it! In a nutshell you have novel findings of primary significance! Publish my man and be right quick about it!

    And finally, good scholar I shall present thee with a small riddle as a mischievous test of thy mettle - for I don't want to be woneth over quite so easily. Answer it well dear sir! If the Watchtower scholars be celebrated then, pray tell, can you name those who it is that celebrateth them?

  • Gedanken

    Kaput, Please don't show this to our scholar-in-residence - he's liable to mistake it for a drinking fountain.

  • hillary_step

    scholar Re:

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    I would now like to present 1076 lines of evidence to prove that Scholar has turned grasping at straws into an art form.

    Or should that be 1074 lines of evidence?


  • TheListener


    You do more for apostates than they do for themselves.

    I humbly acknowledge and approve of what must surely be black propaganda.

  • Kaput

    Shouldn't be a problem unless he doesn't flush first. But then he's a scholar...he should know that.

  • AlanF

    Gedanken, you kill me!

    By scholar pretendus' reasoning, we could triple the amount of cuneiform astronomical evidence against the Watchtower's chronological wonderland by breaking all the extant tablets in three pieces! Perhaps we could convince museum directors to do this.

    scholar pretendus said:

    : Your previous post on your nonsense regarding 538, Jeremiah 25:12 and the misuse of Josephus will be replied to when I am ready and not before and it will be of my own making and not that of any other person.

    I see. Once you receive a reply from Rolfie, or perhaps your local "scholarly" JW friend (how is the old bugger, anyway?) you'll mangle it into your usual gobble-de-goop.


  • MegaDude

    Gedanken's last two posts should be nominated for posts of the year. My guts are sore from laughing so hard.

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