Post questions a study should ask before joining the Org.

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  • moshe

    Are you happy? Do you wish you had ever done anything with your life- college, careers, etc

    Will you get in trouble for disagreeing with the Elders? Will I get in trouble for talking to a former member?


  • Honesty

    When scripture is so unequivocal in its teaching that "No one can slave for two masters" (Matthew 6:24), how can James have two separate masters and serve Jesus with the same diligence as Jehovah (James 1:1 James, a slave of GOD and of the LORD JESUS CHRIST...?

    In Matthew 1:23, who does Matthew say has been given the name which means "With Us Is God"?

    If Jesus were formerly known as the Archangel Michael, why does the Bible make it abundantly clear that Michael is a created angel who does not have the authority to rebuke Satan (Jude 9), whereas the Lord Jesus did rebuke Satan (Matthew 4:10)?

    Why do JW's persist with their belief that the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ does not guarantee everlasting life and blessing to whosoever believes in Him when Hebrews 9:12, John 3:16 and 1 Peter 1:18-23 demonstrate that it does?

    If the human soul is the person, how could the soul go out of a person (Genesis 35:18) or come back into a person (1 Kings 17:21-22)?

  • MuadDib

    After the Deluge, how did the blind marsupial mole get from Turkey to Australia?

  • jwfacts

    Interesting question MuadDib, I have wondered the same, except I generally imagine a canoe filled with kangaroos and koalas paddling for their lives.
    Having a full list of disfellowshipping requirements is a good place to start.
    What is in the elders book, can I see it?
    Why doesn't any other religion or scientist think Babylon was destroyed in 607?
    How come Russell and Rutherford said we should worship Jesus but now the WTS says we cant?
    Who was the F&D slave that gave Russell all his knowledge?
    If the Tetragrammaton was never in the New Testament why does the WTS think they should change the words in the bible?
    Why is God going to kill everyone that has never seen a JW?

  • carla

    Can we do an in depth study of the history of your org?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    The meeting was interesting thanks for inviting me, there's just one thing before I join, can you come to my house and review with me the JW history and all the beliefs you guys have held? There's this great website called "quotes" that has quotes from JW literature, there's no derrogatory comments against your religion just actual facts, once we review everything on there, and you answer all my questions I will be glad to continue on with the study.


  • jwfacts

    how will i know i am not assigned to witness with a pedophile?

    Why did the Watchtower need to join to United nations, was it really for a library card?

    If followers used to believe in 1799, 1874, 1881, 1925 when those teachings were wrong, how do i know i am not wrong in believing what is taught now?

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