No Blood Card: Counter document to file for your child

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    Band on the Run

    My understanding is that the state would take temporary custody of the child to enable a blood transfusion in an emergency. It is hard for me to accept that parents can murder their child through omission. I may be deluded as to what happens in reality. It was a fret of mine the entire time I was a child. My mother once ordered no blood for my younger sister. There was no crisis. It was pro forma. I screeched so hard that I would immediately hire a lawyer to gain custody before the government could.

    Yet children do die! If an adult is willing to kill themselves, it is unfortunate but we do have personal autonomy. A child has no advocate.Legally, a child cannot assent to these doctrines. I refused to be a Witness once I was twelve and was physically forced to attend. No one could force me at fourteen.

    I am a lawyer (this is not my field) and would love to hear how this plays out in real life. Does the Society encourage going underground by repeating the incidents? Furthermore, how can anyone believe Jehovah's Witnesses are nice people when they sacrifice their children to Jehovah, who is not Jehovah but YHWH? Wasn't some Hebrew Scripture Canaanite god condemned for child sacrificies? It was a central tenet of my Witness instruction. The story was prominent in that orange book supposedly written for children. Curious. Thanks.

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    New cards are out. Although I thought they only had to fill them out if their stance on some of the conscience matter issues changed.

    What if you're married with kids and one mate is a witness and one is not?

  • TheListener

    I can scan the latest card if that's acceptable???...

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