Need help! Have you read Randy's books?

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  • bythesea

    Imfree(David)....Thanks for your input!! I'm well aware of the possible consequences of disagreeing with JW teachings and am constantly trying to determine how much and what to say to my husband....he has enough ammunition on me now to get me DF if he were to go to the bros!! He knows I ordered Franz' books....he knows I don't believe the GB speak for God....he knows I doubt many of their teachings, especially their policy for DF from the cong, and he wants me to talk to him about these things, but has given me no assurance that at some point he won't go to the bros for their help in dealing with me....he thinks I'm going against the Bible for not letting the older ones pray for me since I'm "spritually sick"! So, I'm never sure of what its safe to say, altho by this time maybe it doesn't matter??! But, it would cause such turmoil in the family if I were to be DF.....doesn't it always?......

    There was a couple of paragraphs in todays WT lesson that talked about apostacy and the elders responsibility in seeing that it didn't influence the cong....I could feel my husbands eyes on me as he handled the microphone....I don't feel like an apostate....I know that questioning isn't wrong and as someone pointed out above, with their record of complete failure in predicting anything is the WTS who we want to be entrusting our salvation to??? Good point!

    Thank you everyone, there have been so many thoughtful comments and suggestions...I appreciate hearing from all of you and just because I haven't mentioned your name don't think your time and thoughts weren't appreciated!

    I am still figuring out how to use the board and haven't gotten the hang of being able to write and go back and forth to peoples comments, so I can't always remember who said what when I'm responding! How do I isolate someones comments and put it on my reply, for example??

    I will keep you posted on how it goes in the future with any conversations I may have with my husband....I know for others out there with hardcore spouses that even one persons sucessful dent in their armor it can be encouraging for others like us!! Thanks so much for all your ideas and suggestions...guess I said that already! Bythesea

  • garybuss

    For those who know my story know it was secretly recorded tapes of Witness inquisitions and trials I got from Randy and played for my wife that had the biggest effect on her. She never went to another meeting after she listened to two tapes and watched another. AND much of my research is done using the Watch Tower literature scans in CD's I got from Randy. Randy Watters had been my #1 source for objective tangible information related to the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. Duane Magnani, of Witness Inc. has been a close second.

    The video was Gloria Muscarella, being disfellowshipped by elders, one of them her uncle. Incredible behind the scene view of the reality of the heavy hand of Watch Tower discipline.

    The two audio tapes were:

    Rick and Laverne Townsend Committee Meeting
    The first known clandestine recording of a judicial committee meeting, but the most interesting! They were 27 years in the organization, then called before a committee in 1984 for charges of "apostasy." Great! TRLT
    Committee Meeting with Ron and Michelle Leeds Three elders came over to disfellowship these two Jehovah's Witnesses, and got more than they bargained for! Ron and Michelle do an excellent job of refuting the "God's organization" concept. 2 tapes. TRL

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