What's So Special About JWD?

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  • NewLight2

    JWD is a nice place for the doubting dubs to learn about the lies told to them by the FDS.

    But it COULD be a better place if there were not so much bickering and deletion of whole threads just because 'some' here have seen fit to censor opinions.


  • ozziepost


    Best not to let your past H2O experience cloud your judgment.

    For the record, actions of forum assistants are discussed on a separate forum and consensus reached before limiting action taken. That's why some threads may appear to disappear and then re-appear.

    That seems eminently fair, don't you think?

    Anywayt, as Dansk has aptly put it, it sounds like home! Have you never heard bickering in the kitchen?

  • NewLight2


    For the record, I'm NOT Rick! I have never been a dub, but have studied the dub religion using counter-cult materials. I have been on dub boards since about 1997/98 and have learned much in that length of time.

    Another for the record, I was raised a Baptist. My father was into counter-cult ministry so THAT is where I first got my interest in the JW's. I used to listen to my father 'argue' at the door with many dubs as well as Mormans.


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