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by DevonMcBride 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • DevonMcBride

    If they see a large amount of hits on their blood brochure during the next several weeks, it will send a message to Watchtower that we are aware of Kerry's article.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Webmaster: "Oh joy! Many are learning the truth about Jehovah's feelings on blood!"

    GB: "That is truly a blessing from our Lord."

    Lawyers: "Yeah, that's great. Ummm.. Can we tell who's hitting it, exactly? Just curious..."


  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster

    Hate to be a downer, but I think Almost Atheist is right. We're dealing with a very hard headed organization who aren't going to change their ways that easily.

  • wombat

    Aw Devon.........Now that you've told everyone to keep clicking onto this site..........obviously the WTBTS aren't going to take any notice of the number of hits. Like, they are watching this site as closely as we are.

  • ocsrf


    I like to do that. I write a little something in each blank.

    don't know who reads it , but someday one thing will get through.


  • Ticker

    I clicked on it but I don't think they are sweating it out yet. They will automatically side rail any attack as a "seperation of Church and State". I don't think they will make any moves until they start losing a few court cases due to this lawyers expose on their blood policy.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >> Lawyers: "Yeah, that's great. Ummm.. Can we tell who's hitting it, exactly? Just curious..."

    Maybe I was too subtle. (That's a way for people to admit their jokes suck without actually saying, "Man, my jokes suck!")

    I meant that everyone at Watchtower would think the increased hits would be a sign of Jehovah's blessing -- except the lawyers. They would perhaps have sense enough to realize something bad was about to happen.

    Hope so!


  • Ticker

    Its possible because if anyone only the lawyers would take a more critical attitude and investigate into it. Possibly they may get spooked and pull it down, but will have to wait and see.


  • Effervescent

    I read the whole article... it was hard..., but I managed...

    What struck me is the fact that all of their "medical" quotes were from the 80's. Yeah... they're on the cutting edge alright. It seems their using quotes from journals during a time when people we're still scared of getting AIDS from transfustions. Not only that but the field of medicine progresses very quickly. You're talking 15 years ago... that's the ice age to medicine today. There was ONE quote from 1990, thats it.

  • jwfacts

    I think it is a good idea, and to click through the article to indicate you are searching through the info.

    I regularly look at the stats on my site to see what areas are of most interest.

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