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by DevonMcBride 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • DavidChristopher

    Why do you throw people out for asking questions about the bible? If "bad association" spoil useful habits, why did Jesus do it? Can you prove that YOU are not the "bad associations"? Your goals seem to be in line with Satans, wanting others to follow you, worship THROUGH you?, writing books about the Bible, rather then focusing on helping people understand the book so they can read it for themselves, Yes, so they can worship DIRECTLY as you claim to do, or are you special and they are not? Like Satan, your actions declare you want to be God for the people you blindly lead, I hope you get the reward you so desire. IN FULL! My Mom is one of them! Repent "Jonah's Witnesses." And get ready to answer a bunch of questions.

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