Crank call gone bad!

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  • dorayakii

    Ohhhhhhhhhh SHAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooo cold.... soooo shameful, OMG its unbelievable.

    I love the way the presenter is kinda speechless and trying to cause a diversion shouting names indiscriminately into the phone: "Uh, uh, Sisko... Sisko, heey... there's Sisko... Diane...who's... Diane, whos huh, Diane?..." It's like he's hoping Sisko is clever enough to put two and two together, realise it's his wife, say "sorry, wrong number" and put the phone down.

    And I love the way when the presenter speaks, Sisko tries to turn the blame onto Diane. "Who is... im saying, who is this, you, you, you callin' me, who is this guy?"...... I can almost hear his heart DROP when he hears that it's "The Kiss Wake-Up Club", a typical man behaving like a deer caught in the headlights. LOOOOL

    ......"Ezac'ly, 'uhhhhh, uhhh' from everybody, ezac'ly"...... "You uhh, you jus' bin CRANKED... "

    "She love me, she aint goin' nowhere"...... "Dayum you wrong brotha..."

    I LOVE this skit so much...... and to know that its real, LMAO. Does anyone feel kinda sorry for him?....... I DONT, ppfffffffffff-bwahahahahaha!!!

    p.s What's a Black American Express?

  • lonelysheep
    "She love me, she aint goin' nowhere"...... "Dayum you wrong brotha..."

    That had me laughing! He's probably right. Usually, when men say something like that (in such a bold manner, anyway), it's cuz it's true.

    p.s What's a Black American Express?

    Something my broke azz will never have. The most elite amex card.

    You can read about it here:

  • Legolas

    I know something she can do with a hot curling iron!...LOL

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