WTBS article prove 587/586 BC fall of Babylon

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    Yes, read youyr Bible is indeed good medicine and also read those texts in your Bible that deal with the seventy years. Read Leviticus, Deuteronomy which discuss the curses and blessing for keeping and not keeping the Law. Read Chronicles which gives the king lists for the Divided Monarchy and concludes with the seventy years, the Fall and the Return. Read Jeremiah who prophesied that judegement would come against Judah and the Babylon and the other nations. That Judah would experience Jehovah's judgement of a seventy years exile in Babylon, serving the king of Babylon for that period until a new king of Babylon namely Cyrus would release the captives to a land once devastated for seventy years. Read Daniel who determined that Judah and its exile would experience that seventy years of devastation shortly to be released as foretold by Jeremiah. Read Zechariah who was give a reminder of the seventy years that had passed memorialized by annual fastings and mournings and was conforted by the fact that all things wouls shortly be restored.

    Yes. Read God's Word Daily.

    scholar JW

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    Your model is simply a mirror of the Jonsson hypothesis contained in a published work of nearly 400 pages designed to destroy the validity of 607. It fails miserably because our interpretation of the seventy years is rock solid. Your model like Jonsson's uses a flawed exegesis of the principal seventy years texts which blithely choose to ignore the simple and basic fact that the seventy years was a period of servitude to Babylon- an exile in Babylon and the complete devastation of Judah graphically described by Jeremiah.

    Indeed. Jeremiah 25:12 says that after the seventy years have been fulfilled I shall into account the king of Babylon and then Jeremiah describes the process of Judgement against Babylon. What was that process? It was the taking of Babylon in one night by the Medo-Persian army as foretold by Daniel. It was according to Jeremiah that the Babylon and the land of Chaldea would become a desolate waste. This did not happen on the night of its fall in 539 and it did not occur soon after but it was fulfilled over time with its commencement after the fulfillment of the seventy years with the release of the exiles in 537. There is absolutely nothing in Daniel chapter 5 that connects with Jertemiah 25:12.

    The omission of an biblical historic fact such as Neb;s missing seven years brings into question the integrity of the secular documents as opposed to the integrity of the Bible. I am a Bible Man I am not a Neo-Babylonian Man.

    scholar JW

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    There is absolutely nothing in Daniel chapter 5 that connects with Jertemiah 25:12

    Well the WTBTS disagrees with you, you know since they connected the two with a marginal reference at Daniel 5:26

    The prophecy is very clearly laid out in Jeremiah 25, and that it would be fulfilled against the (1) king of bablyon, (2) and against that nation. If we go by your theory that it was fulfilled in 637, then Jehovah would have had to call to account against Cyrus, but nothing happened to Cyrus in 637 it would not have fulfilled calling to account against the king of bablyon. Clearly Jeremiah 12 says that when seventy years were fulfilled, Jehovah would call to account. Not before.

    Other scriptures which I have read must be read in the light of the orginal prophecy which is cut and dry clear.

    Not to mention that none of this really matters because if we read Jesus words, no one will know when he is returning, hence the signs so we know its close at hand. Hence why Jesus told his people to be watchfull, and even warned against those who claimed that he had already returned.

    I know you know you are right, but then again there was people that new the earth was flat and killed those that didn't believe, and theres a group of native people living in the amazon that won't cross a river because they KNOW there are giants living on the other side, and that the mountains beyond really touch the stars, they of course know that is right as well.

    So your telling me Jehovah would use a group of people to tell this to who had spawned from someone else Jesus cleary had warned againt being mislead by? Russell, as I'm sure you are aware, said that Jesus came in 1874-therefore he was cleary saying --"Look! Here is the Christ--which even witnesses agrees that he was saying that, and he also made false prophetic statements. So Jesus decided to use somone that he had warned against not being mislead by? Seems hypocritical.

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    I have only just found this thread, and have not got time to read all of the posts on this subject, but since I have left the Cult, I have done a lot of my own research into this chronology and have found that Nebuchanezzer was not even King until 604 BC, so there is no way he could have destroyed Jerusalem in 607 BC. However the Davidic Kingship ENDED in 604 because Pharaoh Necho removed the legitimate King and replaced him with a false King who was under his command.

    So the count of the 2520 started from 604 and ended in 1917 whicb was the very year that Jerusalem was liberated from the Turks without a fight, by General Allenby, whose name in Turkish just happens to be prophet of Allah. The Turks were told to only surrender the City to a prophet of Allah. The year 1917 was the year 1335 in the Islamic calender and is mentioned in Daniel 12 as 1335 days. The prophecies relating to 604-1917 fit the historical facts far better than 1914 does. And after all, the appointed times of the Nations related to JERUSALEM not some fanciful WT interpretation.

    The WT do not want to face facts, any more than the Mormons do over the supposed Lamenities, Nephities etc (Native American Indians) being descendants of the Jews. The DNA blows it out of the water.

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    The entire Faithful Discreet Slave doctrine rests on 607 B.C. according to Watchtower numerology.

    It goes something like this:

    607 B.C.E. --- Jerusalem is destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II

    According to measurements made by C.T. Russell of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, 2,520 years after 607 B.C.E. Jesus returns but no one can see him except the followers of C.T. Russell, founder of the International Bible Students Association

    607 B.C.E. plus 2,520 years brings us to 1914

    According to the Watchtower Society, sometime around 1919 Jesus inspected the spiritual temple and selected C.T. Russell's group as his Faithful Discreet Slave and has been using them since to convey his thoughts and directives to humankind.

    Let's see.... they were celebrating Christmas, used the Cross, had no problems with blood transfusions or donations, a few other little items that would get any one of them disfellowshipped nowadays.

    It all makes perfect sense when you read the box entitled "1914 Foreseen" on page 105 of the Watchtower publication "Revelation Its Grand Climax At Hand!"

    The following are direct quotes from that box on page 105:

    "It was in B.C. 606, that God's kingdom ended, the diadem was removed, and all the earth given up to the Gentiles, 2520 years will end in A.D. 1914"* ---- The Three Worlds, published in 1877, page 83.

    * Providentially, those Bible students had not realised that there is no zero year between "B.C' and "A.D." Later, when research made it necessary to adjust B.C. 606 to 607 B.C.E., the zero year was also eliminated, so that the prediction held good at "A.D. 1914." --- See "The Truth Shall Make You Free", published by the Watchtower Society in 1943, page 239 (italics mine)

    The Watchtower admits research made it necessary to change their date of Nebuchadnezzar's conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the first temple from 606 to 607.

    The question remains as to why they changed their date from 606 to 607. 1914 has to fit in with 607 B.C.E. for the Watchtower's doctrine to seem valid in the eyes of its followers.

    Besides, what further evidence do they have for changing their date other than the fact that C.T. Russelll and the Watchtower Society couldn't add things up right then just like they can't do it now?

    Since the Faithful Discreet Slave doctrine is built upon the date of 607 B.C.E. it has to be upheld at all costs. Otherwise the Watchtower's claim to be the voice of God is proven false.

    Scholar has never addressed this issue because the Watchtower Society has given no evidence or reason for changing the date from 606 B.C. to 607 B.C.

    Honesty "of the so glad to be free from the WT Lies class"

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