Do you have a relative or know someone who died over the blood issue?

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  • zagor

    Yup, I knew young mom in her early 30's died 2 years ago, left 2 small kids and a husband. Really sad story, and was trully a tipping point for me when I've had enough of everything.

  • hamsterbait

    Ironically, those Dubs I know who refused blood recovered so quickly, even the doctors commented on the fact as remarkable. ( brother - car crash, mother -spine and breast cancer, friend - broken thigh, grandmother - broken hip at 92, friend - perforated ulcer, friend - car crash, me - colon tumor)

    Of course they had a scheduled surgery, and the doctors took great care because of the stand. But in a crisis, where there is hemolytic shock, or a train crash where the blood is going out as fast as the paras can pump it in - what do you do?

    "I am a JW: watch me sit here as I watch myself bleed to death." (These words are as unqualifiedly correct as the statements about Abraham coming back in 1925)


  • JAVA

    A woman that my spouse studied with died while giving birth. Her doctor was very upset and said she would never accept another JW that refused blood. How sad--a child never knew her mother and a mother never knew her daughter because of the Watchtower!

    Cults like the Tower should be required to post a sign outside their doors, "WARNING--The Watchtower Society is Harmful to your Health--it can KILL YOU!"

  • Rabbit


  • IW

    My sincere thanks to all who posted on this thread.

    To everyone here: Do you have a relative or friend still in the JWs? Please do what you can to support those who are working to expose the false blood doctrine for what it is; a lie! You may help save the life of someone you love! Losing a loved one to a lie is hell.


  • Pistoff

    A close friend, after being diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer.

    And a closer friend, after being stabbed.

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