13 years old boy has been baptized

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  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster
    so why does anybody do it young if they are following jesus example.

    That's just it; they don't really follow Jesus' example. As a matter of fact, if you look at their teachings closely, they take Jesus out of the picture as much as they can. See Blondie's weekly threads on "Comments you will not hear at _____ Watchtower Study" for specific examples.

    They have no right to call themselves Christians, especially true Christians, when they don't follow Christ or even acknowledge him.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    A recent National Geographic on the mind said that they brain does not finish developing until 25.

    That's an excellent point jwfacts (same here in England, motor insurance is cheaper over that age). JW LOVE to point to examples from the Bible:- an example that springs to mind is circumcisions at six weeks - how wise this is because that is when it is most favourable (blood clotting). JW always maintain that if something specifically is mentioned in the Bible it's for a reason (except Jesus' age at Baptism).

    I was Christened at 4 weeks old, Church of England. How about the rest of you?

  • zagor
    13 years old boy has been baptized

    Thats pretty good - try rather 6 year old, that was the case in my old congo

  • Gill

    Well my mother REALLY wanted me to be a christian in some form or another.

    At a few months old she had me baptised into the Roman Catholic faith.

    Then the nagging began at 13 that I MUST get baptised into the JW faith or else I was going to die when ARMAGEDDON arrived...VERY SOON!!!!!

    I resisted at first. Then another JW girl pointed out to me the benefits of getting dunked....you could start going out with JW boys!!!!

    Since I had my eye on one, I gave in, and at nearly 15 the cermonial drowning took place.

    Benefits.....I started dating my present husband. Drawbacks....I was sadly a brainwashed fool!

  • Ingenuous

    I saw a program about the same thing: the human brain continues to develop until about 25 years of age, particularly those parts of the brain involved in reasoning and risk-assessment. The program was discussing this in light of the popularity of high-risk sports many young adults participate in, like le parkour.

    If I remember correctly, my Dad was baptized at 6. That was nearly 60 years ago.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My best friend growing up was JW she was dunk'd when we were 9...I went with her and we all went out for ice cream afterwards.. Her parents were so proud of her.

    As far as other churches doing infant baptisms.....

    I know that the ones we have been involved in call them Dedications. It is almost exactly like a baptism but the parents/god parents/grandparents are promising to teach the child about God and Jesus.

    I'm not saying this is what the Catholic Churches are doing....just a lot of non-denom Christian Churches.


  • anewme

    I was a very serious teen and remember wanting very much to be identified with a godly people.
    Many young persons feel the same way and desire to be baptized as a protection during their teens.

    But they have no idea how their minds and hearts may develop and change. The consequences for changing your mind in the Witness religion is very different than those of the Catholics or Episcopal or Methodist or Baptist.

    As a parent I would want my child to be as aware of the responsibilities as possible and look back and say "I was the one who begged my parent to be baptized. They cautioned me and I felt ready anyway"

    You dont want to encourage your child, but you dont want to discourage him or her either. I remember Witness parents giving their child an age to shoot for and if they felt they still wanted to get baptized, then alright.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Let us not forget to "teach" everyone in Chrisendom that infant baptism is wrong because the Child dosn't fully understand the knowledge of God. Lord help me for what I believed when I was 11!

  • maxwell

    More anecdotal data.

    I was baptized at 12 in 1989. My father was baptized at 11 back in the late 50's.

  • hamsterbait

    Wait til adolescence hits!!

    There will be rafts of teenagers DF for spanking their monkies. By the time they are old enough the Lie will be on their Hit List of hatred.


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