13 years old boy has been baptized

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  • M.Bibleres

    13 years old boy has been baptized!

    This month I went to a circuit assembly (North/West Germany) to spy what is going on and too keep me up to date with teachings and Jehovah's Witnesses language. After the assembly was over I just happened to see a father congratulating his child for being baptized. I asked the father how old he is and he replied: "He is 13 years old". I didn't give any comment to his reply. But it seems to me that new baptized are getting younger and younger. There were 1805 visitors and 11 baptized on December 3rd. Teenies at that age aren't able to make such a decision without being aware of the grave impact this decision have in their life. This boy is now subject to the disfelloshipping-clause in case of committing a "sin" - many Teenies are subject to the disfelloshipping-clause.

    M. Bibleres

  • lonelysheep

    That's sad, really. I know it's encouraged.

  • misspeaches

    It happens here in Australia too....

    A family people from my old cong had twins. The twins were baptised at age 10. The same twins are home schooled. How can they know what they are getting into??? This happened six months ago. I still feel sad for those little kids.

  • garybuss

    I was baptized by the Witness people in 1957 when I was 12. That's the age when the family merit clause expires and adolescents are subject to the works for salvation requirement. It's such a lovely arrangement. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  • Effervescent

    I'm pretty sure that's how old I was when baptized... of course at the urgings of my father.

    If I knew then what I knew now...

  • alreadygone

    I was 12 when I got baptized and that was 20 years ago.

    PS: I think there are two of the same threads going on.

  • AuldSoul

    Simon said see, so I saw...say it seven cycles speedily.

    Yes alreadygone. Thanks for noticing that I'm old...lol

  • alreadygone

    No problem, I take pleasure in pointing out people who are slightly older than me. I know I'm a sadist.

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny Haszard was 11 in 1967 as soon as the 1975 end of the world wt prediction was released (that year) my elder dad made me get dunked

  • blondie

    A six-year old girl was baptized a couple of years ago in Chicago. There have been experiences in the WT publications of children as young as 5 and 6 being baptized. Old enough to make this decision, but not old enough to drive, get married, drink alcohol, or even decide if they will go to the meetings or not.


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