The turning point of the apostate movement?

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  • undercover

    Is it possible that this "big news" could actually create a division amongst active apostates who are fighting to disrupt the WTS?

    It seems that there are two factions regarding the "big news": one is jumping for joy, ready to spread the news far and wide, hoping for lawsuits; the other has poo-pooed the whole thing as overblown nothingness.

    For the most part up til now, it's been us(ex-JWs) vs them(the WTS). Of course there were disagreements from time to time and we all had our own ways of dealing with the pain of being duped by the WTS.

    But when the child abuse scandal broke and the UN scandal broke, it was embraced by the apostate community as a means to try to show everyone how corrupt the WTS was. Yea, there were a few dissenters here and there, but by and large, the community as a whole was in agreement.

    Now, we have a new scandal, but it seems that the support for and against it is almost equally divided. Everyone seemed ready to join the bandwagon to support whatever the "big news" was going to be. There seemed to be a ground swell of activity, as if something special was going to happen and cause a major impact. Instead, there are disagreements on how important the news is and if it will be helpful at all.

    What could happen is that the single movement against the WTS is broken in two with different factions fighting different battles. Would that help or hurt the war on the WTS?

  • JustTickledPink

    The thing is the definition of "apostate" is that we disagree with the WTS.

    Apostate does not mean we have banded together, formed a new religion, follow one set of beliefs, preach those beliefs, etc.

    Those of us that left might be opposed to any sort of "organization" whether is for or against a particular religion. There are those of us who just aren't interested in preaching anymore for any cause, any subject.

    I'm in the group that I'm happy that I have found peace for myself, have answered my questions for myself, now work on having a nice happy life.

  • diamondblue1974

    I think its more a question of people not being sure how to react to this news; I dont see a particular division, I think we all predominantly share the ultimate goal!


  • Pistoff

    This is a silly idea; this article is not 24 hrs old.

    Give it time; meanwhile review the history of threads here; the variety found everywhere is reflected here.

    No such thing as a unified apostate body.

  • JustTickledPink
    No such thing as a unified apostate body.

    Exactly my point.

  • RunningMan

    "the single movement against the WTS is broken in two with different factions fighting different battles"

    You gotta be kidding, right? XJWs have never been united, and that's what makes us great. Debate and dissent are our way of life - it prevents us from falling into becoming self absorbed yes-men like the group we left. We've never been an organized front. We're much more like guerillas - much more effective than an army.

  • carla

    I don't think there would be divisions. I do think many were hoping for a magic bullet to get loved ones out and this may not be what was hoped for (something more scandalous). Maybe some are not quite sure how to use the information to help get loved ones out. However, I do hope this opens the door to many, many lawsuits as that could help to financially cripple the wt. Some current jw's could hear there is some new hubub coming from apostates and be curious about what is it now? Just getting them to investigate anything is good and usually seems to lead to more research. Let's hope so. Maybe a class action could be in order?

  • Finally-Free

    In order to fight the WTS successfully we need to do so intelligently. I'm as eager as anyone to read the essay in its entirety, but I'm not prepared to hype it to someone off the board until I've examined it. I have many contacts who could use this information, but they would not be my contacts for long if the only thing I could provide them with was hype.

    I will thoroughly examine anything before I pass it on.


  • undercover

    c'mon guys....I try to post a minimus type "think piece" and ya'll rip me to shreds. Geez. So much for my satire.

  • BluesBrother

    it is just as I tell my wife... There is no Evil Slave Class, plotting evil things against the WTS . It is not like Star Trek vs the Klingons, because there is no unified resistance . This board is the closest I have found to us having something in common - and look how differnt we all are..

    We are just a whole load of disparate individuals, most of whom have been hurt to some degree or another by the WTS .and want to help others that are in the same boat - that's all.

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