Did The Watchtower Society Decieve You Enough To Sue Them???

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  • minimus

    Did they really misrepresent anything to you that you could sue for? Everyone knows how they take quotes out of context. Certainly, they are not the only ones who do so. Do YOU personally have a valid reason to sue the Society???

  • Finally-Free

    Nothing that would hold up in a court of law, even if I could prove it.


  • JH

    Can you sue for deception?

  • undercover

    Me, personally, no.

    But there are some who have lost family members to death because of not accepting blood. The issue is did the WTS knowingly use deceptive practices and willingly mislead people into believing falsehoods about the seriousness of taking blood or not.

    Most of the world knows that the blood doctrine is a wacky belief but if it can be proved that the WTS was using deceptive misrepresentations, not because they believe they have God's spirit, but purposely mislead people to keep their readers/followers from knowing the truth about blood transfusions, then maybe there is a case for a lawsuit.

    If it should get that far, it will come down to how well the cases are presented to a jury. In other words, the WTS is going to really have to work overtime to cover their asses on this one. Not that it can't be done, but it will cost them money and perhaps some devotees.

    Another avenue for a lawsuit could be alienation of affection. If you were DFd or DAd for accepting blood and lost the affection of your family due to the shunning practice, I would think that the WTS could be held responsible somewhat for that as well.

    Maybe the time is right for religion to not be allowed to have such free rein in this country. Maybe it's time that they are held accountable for what they say and what they do and how it affects people. Not only would that cause trouble for the WTS but for tele-evangelists, Mormons, Scientologists and anyone who hides behind the name of religion to bilk, cheat and abuse people.

  • TopHat

    Yes, They told me they were the only mouth piece of God on earth....I was young and nieve and hung on every word they told me but as I got older and wiser I saw clearly they were the mouth piece of Satan when innocent people were slaudered because of the WTS false doctrines. They wasted my time and messed up my mind just as they have messed up the minds of many sheep who have lost the way into Satan's snare called the Watchtower org

  • DannyHaszard

    The inverse is what's important at the moment no matter what i publish against them they can't sue me either.

    The WT has done a wonderful job off tainting MY jury pool 10 out of 12 jurors already know they suck.After closing deliberations they won't have a prayer,i am untouchable.Who's afraid of their big bad flunky legal whores?

    Yes "they have sown the wind and now ye shall reap the whirlwind"

  • Crumpet

    I'd love to say yes.

    They deceived me enough that I believed that suicide was the only way out.

    They deceived me enough that I felt it was acceptable and right for my family to shun me totally at 16.

    They took my childhood, as my parents were deceived and still are.

    They deceived me to the extent that I genuinely believed everything I was taught for 30 years and believed I would die whatever I did so i took risks sexually and medically that i would never have done had I not been deceived.

    They deceived me so that I believed it would be wrong to approach my grandparents before they died.

    I am undoubtedly emotionally and mentally disturbed because of their deceptions.

    Can I get them to pay for years of recovery therapy from their spiritual abuse?

    Can I ask for money to compensate me for the career i could have had if I had not listened to their predictions of Armageddon and had the education I would have wanted?

    How much could I ask for a youth and early adulthood with no self confidence or self worth?

    Is there any amount of money that could compensate me for my dad, my mum, and my sisters?

    In short - no. But a good and thought provoking question minimus.

    And a sorry meant sincerely would be ample....for me.

  • Maryjane

    We've all suffered residual psychological problems (trust of self & other, social-retardness, shunning and the resultant emotional pain, etc. etc.)

    But is it sue-able? Probably not.

  • daniel-p


    I have been personally affected by the blood issue, but I am the one responsible for my own actions. Even if I based those actions on what I had been taught, it was still me who made the decisions, because I decided to believe in what I was taught.

  • R6Laser

    If anything someone should sue us for letting other people run our lives. How about that?

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