Is it big news? Time will tell.

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  • Check_Your_Premises

    When trying to predict what will or will not happen one needs to look at history, and facts of human nature.

    1. If a single lawyer thinks he/she can make a single dime suing the WT using this legal argument, HE/SHE WILL SUE!

    I think it is extremely likely that a law suit will be brought up soon.

    2. If a single news outlet thinks they can make a single dime telling this story, they WILL TELL THE STORY!

    I think this is where it is our responsibility to do everything we can to make the above extremely likely pending lawsuit known to the press.

    3. If any lawyer wins a single dime in a law suit against the WT, all the other lawyers will notice this and THEY WILL SUE!

    4. If any news outlet makes a dime selling this story, all the other news outlets will notice and THEY WILL TELL THE STORY!

    5. If a tipping point is reached where enough legal and journalistic scrutiny is brought to bear ALL THE WT LIES WILL BECOME COMMON PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.

    Think Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

    So is this big news? Will this do damage to the wt? Will it free the minds of our loved ones? Unquestionably there is an opportunity here.

    Only time will tell.

  • Legolas

    I really don't want to post much about this because I have not seen the essay...but I will say IMO unless this hits the news channels of what good is it?

    I was really hoping that a GB member or the WT had done something!

  • AuldSoul


    There are hundreds of thousands of lawyers out there and thousands of courtrooms. Eventually, one of these brave or starving souls will take up this torch and find out where the rabbit hole goes.

    If we all take a cynical view of this (which anyone is free to do) or if any of us promote a cynical view of this (which I would strongly encourage abstention from) NOTHING will ever change and your cynical world view will always and forever be proven correct. Cynics, ask yourself, would you rather be wrong or right this time?

    Whatever you think of this, you have to admit it provides the best opportunity we have ever had to find a way through the Watchtower Society's veil of religious autonomy. It is a tool. If I need to put a nail in the wall but I decide not to try because I think the nearby stone is pooorly suited to the task, will the nail ever be driven?

    What harm is there in picking up the stone and TRYING to drive the nail home?


  • Legolas

    I think it is good news .... BUT ....... only if people know about it!

  • Legolas

    I can't help but think it is USELESS without being in the news!

  • AuldSoul

    LOL, lady! What have you been lighting this morning? Stop wasting time talking about how it needs to be in the news and send a few news releases!

    Did you think it would grow legs and crawl into the news by itself, if that's where it needed to be?


  • Check_Your_Premises

    The bottom line is someone needs to win a case. Once that happens, hilarious hijinx ensue.

    There are so many pissed off at the wt, and there are so many dumb juries out there.

    If some lady can get 20M for spilling a cup of coffee on herself, I just can't believe there won't be a little scratch for someone who lost a loved one because the wt misrepresented facts.

    This is going to happen. There will be a spark. There is plenty of tinder.

    Someone just has to blow on it and it will go up in a huge fireball that consumes everything in it's path.

    Tell me it won't hurt membership if there is nightly news exposes on the lies and abuse.

    Tell me people won't leave. Tell me people won't start slamming more doors in faces.

    Sure some will stay. Those will be the dumbest, most brainwashed, most repulsive.

    Like I said, time will tell.


  • oldflame

    I already forwarded all of Barbaras excerpts to CNN

  • Legolas

    Tell me how to do it and I will!

  • rebel8

    This is a bit OT but I cannot bear to start another thread about TBN!

    What I find even more interesting than TBN (the big news as Katie calls it) is the surprising human behavior.

    • LOTS of newbies, more than I can count, have posted in the forum about TBN. 1 person asked for email addresses of JWs so he/she could "help" in the anti-WT activism. This request was embodied in the person's very first JWD post, with no other introduction or comments. Another has made only 4 posts and all of them are saying "TBN is not big." Who are these people I wonder? My guess is they are current JWs. How long have they been lurking b4 this particular topic prompted them to post? And if they are lurkers then maybe we should have TBN every few months just to flush them out! (kidding) Or is it that one of them found out about it and got their friends to come over here and post to take enthusiasm away from the dreaded "apostates"?
    • There are 46,987,807,974,321 threads on this forum about TBN. Some have tens of thousands of views (so I'm told) and others have almost 50 pages of posts! And the speculation--what insanity! What does this mean? I think it means:
    1. JWDers are anxious to have some way to discredit the WTS. Their motives vary--saving their families, revenge, preventing others from joining the cult, etc.
    2. JWDers desire so wholeheartedly to discredit that they experienced a sort of frenzy--some reportedly could not sleep, spent hours speculating and putting their heads together with friends to figure it out, some experienced anxiety. The speculation itself was bizarre IMO. It just shows how strongly JWDers feel about the WTS.

    What terrible things has this cult caused in our lives to evoke such a frenzied response? (rhetorical question)

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