Is it big news? Time will tell.

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  • Check_Your_Premises

    How about Drudge. I can't do it since I am at work.

    I think this will grow legs when someone brings a case.


  • Gerard

    After careful reading and thought, it is evident to me that the "Big News" turned out to be only an article expressing one lawyer's opinion. Although it has interesting use of terms and legal semantics, this is not legislation. Nothing has changed and the courts of law still won't get involved on religious doctrine and on their follower's choices to accept medical advice from a religious cult instead of from a qualified physician.

    If you allow your religious leaders to dispense you with medical advice - on any ground or pretext - it is your responsibility for the repercussions.

    Want to shake the Ivory Tower to its core?

    Want a relevant scandal that will catch the attention of the public in general and JW's?

    Follow - The - Money

  • doogie

    great post, rebel8.

  • cheezy
    AP or Reuters don't give a rats arse about and obscure article in thee Baylor U Church & State Law Review (nor will your average JW).

    Excuse me, but isn't it clear that we all know dubs who will stay loyal no matter what - even when presented with pictures and testimony of GB members engaged in (insert your favorite act of depravity here) - they will not defect - because being in the borg, having the "trooth" has nothing to do with it actually being the "truth." Can we all agree that folks in that category are not who or what we're after? Weren't we (jwd's) all, at some point in our personal journey, teetering? The raspberry seed that lodged itself in my personal back teeth was "Babylon the Great Has Fallen" - but for some the seed just might be this Big News. And wouldn't that be great if a few thousand eventually came out of darkness because of this? And the WT had their poopie-pants jerked down legally, financially and ethically - YET AGAIN? It all helps. Second point (didn't I tell you there would be two points?) - I went to sleep (fitfully) last night feeling that there was something I personally needed to do. After I went potty I realized that wasn't it. I need to participate in bringing this information to light to those who will hear it and act on it. We don't know how many lawsuits or settlements this will lead to. But it damn sure won't be very many if we don't each and every one of us get the lead out. Cause you're right - nobody is gonna read Baylor - unless we stick it in their faces.

  • MegaDude

    Oh, brother. The shallow mentality of some people. For those of you who don't read anything besides the National Enquirer or Us Magazine, there are publications that are for the movers and shakers in the legal field of this country. This is a very important article. It will be read by some of the most important people who move in those legal circles. If you were expecting something that would crash the Watchtower by the end of this upcoming weekend, I suggest you refrain from posting and exposing yourself for what you are. It will be the hard fist of the legal community that will strike significant fear in the Watchtower and force them to change. It is the legal process that threatens their power structure, i.e. their finances.

  • beksbks

    How about a million xjw march? Tear down the walls!

    Hi Cheezy!!

  • Mysterious

    I think that this kind of public attention is important in cutting off new blood to the organization. It also might help save some of the teens from crawling back or pull those on the edge out. Ultimately though the brain washed masses will not be affect by things of this nature until they begin to entertain doubts of their own.

  • Finally-Free
    There are 46,987,807,974,321 threads on this forum about TBN.

    Dammit!!! Now I have to figure out which one I missed.


  • FairMind

    I think that the “Big News” is at present time only “Great Information”. When and if there is a test of this viewpoint in misrepresentation of secular facts in a courtroom it will be “Interesting News”. If legal cases are won based on this premise then it really will be “Big News”. Only time will tell. Personally I’d like for something to bite the GB in the butt, however my expectations are that nothing much will come of this (hope I’m wrong),

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