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    Good job. Here's to another milestone: .

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    Congrats thats great


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    I didn't know Pat was ill. So sorry. I'm glad she is doing good, and hope she continues to be well.

    When we saw you folks at the NH Apostafest in July, we had no idea there was a problem. The weekend before Labor Day, Pat had some tummy trouble, and she went to the doctor the following Monday, figuring he would send her home with a laxative or something like that. But when he palpitated her stomach, he felt something that shouldn't be there, and sent her immediately for an ultrasound. It turned out to be a large mass, and surgery was scheduled for Sept. 9. Other tests were run, and it became obvious that what we were dealing with was ovarian cancer. The surgery actually revealed two large masses (one on each ovary) - only the smaller one had been detected by the pre-tests. Fortunately, despite the disturbing size of the tumors (one the size of an orange, the other the size of a grapefruit), there appeared to be no sign of spreading and no rupture of the containing "capsule," so the doctors were very optimistic that they had gotten all of it. However, chemotherapy is prescribed in situations like this as a precaution, especially since Pat is so young. If she were 75, the doctors said they would take the chance, but at 54, she has a potential of many good years left.

    So it turned out much better than it could have. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early enough, which is not ordinarily the case with ovarian cancer. Since there are usually no symptoms, the doctor has told us, ovarian cancer is not normally caught until it has reached stage 3, with spreading to other organs. In Pat's case, apparently one of the large tumors leaned on her intestine, which caused the stomach problems that sent her to the doctor. She was very lucky that happened. Her cancer was considered stage 2, and that only because one of the tumors had begun to attach to the pelvic wall, and the doctor had to cut into the wall to remove all the cancer. Apart from that small ingrowth, these would have been stage 1 tumors.

    It's really amazing how much your life can change within a few days, though...

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    Thanks for filling me in, Neon.

    Good to hear everything is going well.


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    Hoping you recover soon. sickness stinks!


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    Congrats! Let's throw a huge party when you reach 10,000

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    Congrats! Let's throw a huge party when you reach 10,000

    Hmmm, let's see...took me almost 4 1/2 years to reach 3000, so to get to 10,000 would take 3.33333... times as long, multiplying that out, um...*mumble mumble*... Yeah! That would be around June of 2016!! I'll be 64 years old, so there's a fair chance I won't be dead yet, too! Should we book the hall now?

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    Quality beats quantity any day

    <-- Proof

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