Big Gnus!!!!!!!!!!

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    You guys are hilarious. This is the best post yet about the big news!

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    bike news...

    Fold your bike and carry it along


    Bangalore, December 13, 2005

    A leading bicycle manufacturer of India has hit upon a novel idea to popularise cycling as a travel mode and encourage it as healthy exercise - a folding bike that can be split into two, carried anywhere and then re-fixed in a couple of minutes.

    Chennai-based firm TI cycles has rolled out two BSA models of the folding cycle.

    Claimed to be the first of its kind in India, the designer cycle (Foldman) can be folded in three steps and parked conveniently at any place. The first step involves folding the handle downwards, the second step separates the main rod connecting both the wheels with a lever and the third step clubs the front wheel with the back one.

    The foldable bike, weighing about 13 kg, can be transported in the boot of a car or carried in a bus, train or any mode and fixed in a jiffy to resume cycling.

    "The two models -- Utopia and Spring -- are equipped with high-quality six speed Shimano gears and advanced suspension systems. The portable cycles are fun to ride, comfortable and easy to maintain," TI Cycles brand manager Sandeep Sridhar told IANS here at a preview of the folding bikes here.

    Priced at Rs.7,999 and Rs.8,999, the two models are targeted at the young and old for recreational activity and weekend expeditions. As an ideal exercise for legs, cycling scores over walking, jogging or running in burning calories and reducing weight.

    The company is launching the bike in six cities across the country, including the four metros (Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai) besides Bangalore and Hyderabad over the next couple of months.

    "We are positioning Foldman for institutional as well as retail buyers. It is well-suited for health clubs, holiday resorts, academic and corporate campuses and farm houses," Sridhar noted.

    TI Cycles is part of the Rs.62.5 billion Murugappa group, with about 40 manufacturing facilities in 12 states across the country. The company's leading cycle brands are BSA and Hercules.

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    Big Cruise

    Big Guns

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    BIG MOOS!!

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    Big Loos


    A regular toilet has a terribly small seat. This creates very uncomfortable pressure points, consequently producing numbness in the legs and thighs from lack of proper blood flow. Our toilet seats have 150% more contact surface area than a standard elongated seat, yet it can be used by a small person or a child in a safe way. Considering ergonomics, the toilet seat and bowl have more than 6 extra inches in the front. We made the toilet bowl 17 ½” tall, which gives most people an easier time getting up. It also makes it ADA compliant. Finally, for those of us that are tall regardless of our weight, a standard toilet seat and a low toilet bowl create a very cramped and uncomfortable position. The GJ toilet has 10.5” longer legs and thighs clearance than a standard round toilet assuring a comfortable and ultra-relaxed experience.


    The Great John is substantially more robust than a standard toilet. Standard designs are not meant to withstand a big person. For STABILITY, we designed a super wide base. To insure STURDINESS, we also added reinforcements into the base. Our toilets are tested to 2000 lb. To eliminate the problem of the SEAT SLIDING, we provide "Anti-Side" fins for safety. This also prevents pinching. Finally, GJ has added a second SET OF ANCHORS at the front sides of the base to increase protection against movement of the unit from the floor.

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    TOO FUNNY...

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    Big gun use



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    Pig News!

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    LOL now I'll never get to sleep! or should I say snooze?

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