Do you vote?

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  • gumby

    Dfed doesn't see Hitler and the Society as the same. Hitler wanted a pure race that abided by his rulership.....just like the societ wants a pure race ( all Jehovahs Witnesses).

    Hitler exterminated all who opposed that. The society believes the SAME .......the only difference is, Jehovah will do the extermination by using earthquakes, fire, etc., instead of gas chambers. Until then, the society will "cut off" all who oppose them. Many of these who are cut off destroy themselves and this will leave one less Jehovah will have to exterminate.


  • forsharry

    tru dat tru dat.

  • JAVA

    forsharry -- Great post, thanks!

    When citizens do nothing, someone else will do it to or for you. I vote not because the folks I vote for are perfect, but because they are for the values I lean towards. Yes, sometimes it's the lesser of two so-called evils, but I'm not going to let my JW background keep me from voting.

  • jb

    yes I vote.

  • Seeker4

    Yes, I've been voting for years.

    It's interesting that the Witnesses believe in and use the judicial branch of government, and are famous for it. They have petitioned the courts for decades to protect their rights, starting - perhaps not coincidentally - with Judge Rutherford. But they will not use the legislative or administrative branches - by voting. I've long thought it would be an interesting article to show that the Witnesses do not believe in a democratic government.

    But how can it make sense to live under a democracy, and feel that only a third of that arrangement can rightly be made use of?

    More of the insanity behind Watchtower reasoning.


  • misspeaches

    In Australia it is compulsary to vote. If you don't vote you have to either pay a fine or explain your reasons why.

    For years Ive been writing those stupid letters. This year I voted for the first time!

  • defd

    Lets not forget forsharry that the only reason why you are alive and breathing air today is because Jehovah saved those 8 people!


  • MsMcDucket

    Forsharry and Oldflame, thanks for your biblical responses. It has helped me straighten out some misleading thoughts. I thank all of the responders that gave their opinions because it helps to know that someone is thinking like I'm thinking. I know that there were a couple or so that didn't, but the majority here did think it's ok.

  • oldflame


    I can understand how you feel about all the wars and deaths caused by God or lead by God but also think about this. When or if you have or had children, I have three sons all grown now, you teach and raise your children in the manner that you seem fit, when your children do something bad, you punish them and sometimes the crime requires stringent punishment like a spanking or something alike. Why would God not have the right to do so with his children ? We are his children even Jesus said to be like the little children (innocent) Now God has many, many more children than we could ever imagine and God is very stern, just like we are as parents. True God gets away with killing people and we don't but then in the beginning we did'nt create ourselves.

    Granted that these beliefs are for those who love the Christ and worship the creator, and that may not be fitting for you but then those who don't believe in a God really still cannot prove there is a God and the believe may not also, that is why there is faith, believing in something you cannot see. Anyway just my point of view, I felt compelled to write after reading your post...Have a good one !!!!

  • Purza

    I work for an election official, and yes I vote. I signed up last year for the presidential election, however I feel my vote counts more on a local/county level. Last year something a measure in the county where I live by passed at 67% (it needed 66% to pass). All of our votes counted for that measure.


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