Why Would the Creater have to rest?

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  • jgnat

    I always figured God was teaching creation by example how to rest, because it's "very good". I wish the Watchtower Society understood the value of taking breaks.

  • mkr32208

    Yeah, well YOU try pooping out the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and see how much rest YOU need!

  • Gretchen956

    I always pictured that grumpy old bearded white god putting his feet up, tipping back a beer or three and watching the Steelers game. Isn't that resting? See if he's a Steeler's fan like me that explains how he got so grumpy. Ever see Cowher's chin??


  • Carmel

    That's one of the questions that got me in trouble as a 12 year old! Still have never had a satisfactory answer from any JW.


  • Slave1111

    If you reason upon the scriptures, it is well known by what is written that Adam lived within the one thousand years, as in a day for a year Gods time. In order to create planetary systems, there has to be a cooling process, so one literal day (24 man hours) is not reasonable for the creation process. Iron cools down before it becomes rigid in it elements, so in the same manner of thinking, the earth has to have time to cool down before one step can proceed to another.

    According to mans written record, it is approximately 6000 years that mans has roamed upon the earth created by GOD. GOD can only rest once the "Creative Days" are complete. This is 6 GOD days, or an equivalent to 'Six Thousand" man years. We are currently in the Seventh Day of Creation when JAH the Almighty will soon rest from all of His hard work in raising spirit and human children in the Heavens, and also upon the Earth. Jesus Christ will now descend upon the earth in order to bring the earth to Paradise according to what is written, Amen.......

    The Faithful Slave

  • mkr32208

    Hey look another crazy person! Yay, I thought we were gonna run out!

  • Carmel

    So the sun must be cooling down to form a planet??


  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    Hey look another crazy person! Yay, I thought we were gonna run out!

    Doesn't appear the forum's going to run out of apparent A-holes anytime soon...

    Regarding the initial topic, I don't recall the bible saying anything about God having to/being required to rest, though it's a possibility God needed to or possibly was setting a symbolic example.

    So... I didn't talk smack about the bible or put anyone down for giving an honest indepth opinion (however possibly misguided) that apparently isn't popular here; I guess I'm next on the poo-list~?

  • Narkissos
    Hey look another crazy person! Yay, I thought we were gonna run out!

    Not "another" I guess... Brownboy aka Leuese aka Slave1111 and I forgot about the rest.

    As to God's rest I'll side with Peacefulpete.

  • TopHat

    Speaking of crazy....when reading the watchtower's lately...I can see how insane it was for me to believe, and hang on to every word of those old farts who claim to be the only channel to God. How could I ??

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