Okay: Who is Barb & What's the "news"?

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    Confession, you said:

    my recollection is that, in the scenario in which a pedophile is not disfellowshipped, he is to be "marked." This would have involved letting all those with children know about him.

    But this is not what happens time after time. Yes, maybe it should be the least of what happens, but it just doesn't. People are being disfellowshipped because the elders are NOT doing this and when they do it they are disfellowshipped for gossip and slander.

    No, I don't know the statistics, but I have read about court cases again and again where this is an issue. Silent lambs has stories about this, people on this board have talked about it. I wish it was the exception. I fear it is not.

    I asked you earlier if the statute of limitations has expired or if you can still report this crime. Lets hope it isn't too late to still do the right thing.


  • Confession

    Sherry, I was responding to Odrade's question. She asked me what we would do if he wasn't DFd. I told her we'd already discussed it. If we had publicly reproved him then we would have given a talk about it and spoken to the families in the congregation about him.

    I know that so often this has not been done. I have learned about all of this in just the last year or so. I get it.

    I expect to find out about the statutes of limitations tomorrow.

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