SNG in Kyoto: Picture collection!

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  • EarthMan


    Nice pics. Makes me want to hop on the next train heading there. Were you able get to Nara? IMO,it's even more beautiful than Kyoto. :D

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I love Kyoto. Very peaceful city. Fall is always such an awesome time to go. I have a friend that lives in Tokyo and have visited him a number of times. I also have a client there that I visit once a year. I really like Japan a lot. Of course the main drawback is the expensive cost of living / visiting there. That part can be daunting. Looks like you had fun though.

  • seattleniceguy


    Did you get a JR pass? Only foreigners can get them, and they're really convenient on the Shinkansens.

    Yeah, I've heard about these deals. I'll be looking into them next week when my brother and dad come to visit. On this trip, we bought transportation and lodging for four people, including two Japanese friends, as a package, and got a pretty good deal.

    Quotes, thanks!


    Were you able get to Nara? IMO,it's even more beautiful than Kyoto.

    Not yet, although I might go with my family next week. Are you in Japan right now? Whereabouts?


  • tetrapod.sapien

    nice sng,

    i hope you made all your meetings while you were there. and field service, of course.


  • nicolaou

    Great! Minimus made me angry on another thread and you've just made me jealous! Add that to the frustration of waiting for Barbera's big announcement and this is turning into one hell of a morning!!

    But those pic's sure are gorgeous! You are one lucky monkey!


  • seattleniceguy

    LOL @ tetrapod

  • LittleToe

    I am insanely jealous!!!

    Japan is a place that I've wanted to visit since I was a child.

    Alas, one day...

    Beautiful pictures. You've really captured something, with them

  • AlmostAtheist

    Beautiful pics, Dude!

    Hmmm... jealousy, covetousness... yep, you're bringing out all the good stuff in me!


  • prophecor
  • lonelysheep

    SNG--those are beautiful pictures! They make me want to go to Japan even more.

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