What Would You Like To Vent About?

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  • Purza

    Traffic. And the lack of help/understanding by the local government officials. I am fed up and wrote a letter to the editorial in the local newspaper in order to vent. Nothing will come out of it, but at least I got to blow off some steam.


  • Undecided

    I hate this getting old and having to die because of some man and woman eating some fruit years ago. I really don't believe that but something causes it and I'm mad at what or who made us this way. If we pass on to another world why do we have to put up with so much shit before it happens.

    I've never felt old age before the last few months and I hate it.

    Ken P.

  • vomit

    Why did my account "Void" get banned?
    1. Without warning?
    2. For mearly expressy my feelings and not accepting other people labeling me?
    3. Why if I was DF at least the elders would tell me why?
    4. Why were all my good posts ingorned when I was banned and just comments in 1 thread where everybody ganged up on me used as judgement?

    Thread in question: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/29/102440/1.ashx

    I know why my second account "voit" was banned. Its not an issue.

    Another question:
    Why am I probably going to be banned again just for posting this?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Your account under the name void is still active and from what I can see you are not on any restriction. Perhaps you need to check your password or your firewall if you are using one.

    Pick one ID and please stick with it. Posters are not allowed to have more than one ID. See Terms of Use link at the top right of the page

  • gwyneth

    Coyotes. They have taken two out of three of my cats in the past 10 days. I didn't know there was a coyote problem in my area until I called animal control and the Cat Protection Society looking for my cats, or I would have made them stay in at night. All I have left is a cat whom I have mediocre feelings toward. My favorite cat is gone, and I am heartsick.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I want to know why EVERYBODY has to ride my ass on the freeway!!!!! I keep foolishly thinking that Karma will throw me a bone because I make a concious effort to be polite and not try to crawl into the back seat of the person driving in front of me. It's not that I drive like Gramps on a Sunday either, I try to keep up with traffic and go at least 5-10 mph over the limit. WTF????!!!!! I wish I had a monkey in the back of my truck that would fling poo at anyone who got within 3 car lengths of my rear bumper. One of these days I'm going to snap and lock up the brakes and hope for the best.

    Oh Yeah, hubert, I hate snow too.

  • Golf

    Min, I will soon be posting it! I had already made plans posting it and your introduction gave me a good reason to post it quicker.


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Vomit / Void,

    You know darn well what you had your posts edited for. Lashing out at everyone calling them every imaginable insult under the sun, and swearing like a solider. Yeah....real innocent ain't ya? However, I do think your new nickname fits your posting style better now. Stay with vomit.

  • defd


    Lov'n the avatar. Nirvana greatest rock band in my book I would like to vent about why did he kill himself


  • nicolaou

    Sub-culture Britain.

    Children growing up believing that looks, money, celebrity and sex are the definitions of being successful. Lazy parents who don't attend Parent/Teacher meetings. Pre-pubescent girls who have been molded to the point where they 'dress to attract', all thonged up and pouting.

    Teenage boys who's fathers haven't taught them respect - worse, who've been told to 'sow their oats'!

    'I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here!'

    Soap Operas

    The fact that people don't seem ashamed to say they don't read books.


    The rampant undercurrent of racism in Britain.

    Sponging whiners who won't work but claim every benefit going.

    Mother's who put just biscuits, crisps a chocolate bar and a can of fizzy drink in their kids packed lunchbox. (My wife works in a school)

    .......thanks Min' you got me all riled up now!!!

    goes for a quiet lie down

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