Are The Magazines Written By "Complete Idiots"?

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  • metatron

    Yes, "complete idiots" - that's the phrase the latest Awake ( Jan 2006) uses on page 6, thusly:

    "However, man's vision of the future has often proved to be illusory. For example, decades ago one expert said that by 1984, farmers

    would plow the ocean floor with underwater tractor; another said that by 1995, cars would be equipped with computerized hardware

    that would prevent collisions...... Of course, those who made such predictions likely now wish they had remained silent. One journalist

    wrote: "There's nothing like the passage of time to make the world's smartest people look like complete idiots."

    Are the editors of the above drunk, rank liars or "complete idiots"? What sort of pronouncements have the Watchtower's

    magazines made about the future? That Armaggedon is "Soon" - for 120 years? That high school kids should avoid college

    because they "will never grow old in this present system of things" ?( May 22 1969 Awake) How about vaccinations? How about

    1975 and "six thousand years of man's existence"?

    Perhaps the blank zombie-like stare of the child on the Awake's cover says it all.

    The lights are on but nobody's home.


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I think its a typical case of the splinter in someone else's eye and the timber in yours. I see that sort of behavior all the time, someone complaining about how someone else acts when they themselves are even worse offenders.

  • skyman

    "There's nothing like the passage of time to make the world's smartest people look like complete idiots."

    Man you hiit on something here but the dumber they are the more the passage of time makes them complete idiots

  • Satanus

    Yup, complete idiots. For decades, the awake ran the caption stating that the generation would see the end of the world/gods kingdom coming in.


  • daniel-p

    Likely, the ones who originally wrote those idiot-like statements about 1975, college, etc., are long gone now, or are in other departments. It may even be an inside jab by the new up-and-comers to the old fogies who constantly stuck their foot in their mouth. You can tell the WT and Awake writers are afraid to state anything about what to expect for the future anymore - thus lowering their articles to new levels of banality.

    What continues to amaze me is the enormous body of words that the FDS has built up. Stacks upon stacks of interpretations, denunciations, proclamations, ruminations, and etcetera that, just due to the sheer amount of writers and words written, are bound to contradict themselves in one way or another. Awfully remeniscent of the Talmud and related publications built up by generations of pharisaical authorities.

  • DanTheMan

    I have two hypotheses regarding the WTS Writing Department:

    1. They are so honestly clueless that they can publish stuff like this with a straight face.

    2. They are so completely dishonest that they publish it with a brazen smirk, fighting back laughter at the fact that JW's are so clueless about the history of their own organization that they can read an article like that and never make the screamingly obvious correlation.

  • minimus

    They simply are dishonest and feel that nothing applies to them---even in principle. THEY can buy property like it's going out of style but rank and file members doing the same thing are regarded as materialistic. They can have UN involvment but you can't join the "Y" or you'll get df'd. They can say this is the last generation of 1914 that will see the end and they can obliterate their own words spoken since the 1960's and if you questioned them---you're out! They know EXACTLY what they're doing and assume everyone else is too stupid to figure it out!

  • Mysterious

    The magazines use such a trite style of pap. I can still close my eyes and "rewrite" things like that in my head. Far from being either scholarly or secularly interesting, yet not with the style that most religious material takes either, I have no idea how to describe it. But yes I would say they are complete idiots that are of course stuck on themselves and probably take pride in their own propoganda.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i vagree meteron. and i think the wt writers give hints to jw's all the time that what they write is nonsense. they give the r+f enough info to let them know the wt is full of crap with out spelling it out. it's so simple. some wt writers give away the booty. if your smart enough to read between the lines. john

  • luna2

    Maybe that's it, johnny cip. Its hard to account for such stupidity otherwise....unless they are young people who are completely unaware of the history of the WTS.

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