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    Returning here after a long time-catching up on issues such as this.

    The disappointment I feel is great-for reasons others said better than I could.This reminded me exactly of the congregational type 'hype' regarding the coming of more 'new-light'.

    The degree of importance-coming thru the filter of newly 'left the org' individuals does not correspond with how the 'real(neverbeenadub) perceives such issues.

    The "I know something you don't know' hinting and waiting game was in itself cruel and juvenile. But can't truly fault the individual as they haven't spent much time acclimated to the 'real world' and it's thinking. The build-up and hype here proves that no matter one's previous position in the org. it will take some time or better yet some exit counseling to learn how to reconcile realistic expectations with jdub definitions and behaviors.

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  • Satanus

    True. I can't remember what this thing was (not that that means much, but still, i remember dateline).



    The big news was "OUTLAW`s out of the friggin bush and he did`nt die!"..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • tresdecu

    Just saw this old thread by Barbara A. What was this all about? Is there something big still out there....Barbara?


  • tresdecu

    Spent some time skimming through...sounds like it was a dud. I don't mean any disrespect to Barbara, I think she is great and a valuable resource.

    We all have lofty hopes that this whole WTS garbage will crash. But, it'll probably keep rumbling along no matter what scandle is out there.


    The biggest news today that surpasses all other news people print in newspapers is that this year we may expect the return of Jesus and the Judgement Day will begin and there are some people living today who will survive into the new world order while most will die unexpectedly .

    The news is hard to swollow and many don't want to hear it very well. .

    The date was set up based on the Bible : September 29,2011 .

  • NewChapter

    while most will die unexpectedly

    Huh, sounds like you're actually expecting them to die, which means they would not be dying unexpectedly. So, actually, you EXPECT most of us to die, (will you miss us?) and you EXPECT a few to live.


    I wrote unexpectedly as the news about the coming of Jesus doesn't get the ears of many people the way it should do .

    And normally all people that claim to be christians hope to be saved but most will not be saved so this most will die in this sense too.

    This is not a joke as then fate of all of us will be decided very soon if the prediction turns out to be fulfilled.

    This news I am proclaiming should go worldwide like wildfire ! This is a real news as fate of people is at stake and this news is based on the Bible .

  • strymeckirules

    This is not a joke as then fate of all of us will be decided very soon if the prediction turns out to be fulfilled.

    so if the prediction turns out false, was it a joke or a false prophecy? you claim it's not a joke...

    also you used the word "if". if you were sure of yourself, you should have written "when".

    no man will know the date, neither the son or the angels. it is in the father's jurisdiction.

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