Freedom is spelled Wheelchair

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Just before I moved into my little apartment my scooter died. It was an old scooter and the wires were so brittle that they kept shorting out. When they tried to put a new motherborad into it the chair fried the new board. That left me with a power chair that was too small and slowly dying it's own death. It gave it up about a month after I moved. So for the last 2 months the only thing I have had to get around was my manual wheelchair. it has been a nightmare trying to get out to do basic things like doctor appointments and groceries. Even getting to the corner store to buy milk has been a pain. And now with the snow on the ground it is impossible.

    The other day I arranged for the wheelchair bus to pick me up to get some groceries. You have to call one day ahead of time and if you don't get through before 9:00 am you are out of luck. That happened for last Friday and again for this Moinday. But I got through for a Tuesday trip. He showed up a half hour late. I had to rush through the store and hope I finished before the bus came to pick me up to go home. I just made it on time. If you aren't there they leave without you.

    I have applied to the government for a new wheelchair but it is unlikely I will hear from them before February.

    The company that I have been dealing with for all the repairs has been wonderful. Today they just delivered a wheelchair that I can use until I get my own.

    I cannot tell you what this means. I have felt so trapped here. Now I have my freedom again


  • freedomlover

    wow Lee, you are such an inspiring woman to me. I am so happy for you and your new freedom! I wish I lived near you, I'd take you to the store every week for groceries!

  • blondie

    Wow, Lee! Nice wheels. How can it be that those nasty "worldly" people could do such a thing!


  • Eyebrow2

    Congrats on your new wheels!

    Our two cars have decided to die on us in the last two days...but I am lucky I have my other set of bicycle, and when that is too cold, my two legs.

    It is too easy to take for granted what we have sometimes, until it isn't there. Thank you for the reminder. I am really happy you got your new wheelchair, and I have a lot of respect for you, because it doesn't seem like you let any thing set you back. I didn't realize you had a wheelchair or needed one. I know I don't read here as much as I used to, but most of the posts I have read from you are never about yourself, but has to do with encouraging others, etc...I had no idea.

    Your post is a good reminder to those of us that get easily discouraged when we are having difficulty. At least that is the way I see it. You seem to do what you can to make things work, regardless of your situation. I admire that.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thank you eyebrow and freedomlover

    They told me to go slow. It has five speeds and the fellow said never put it on 4 or 5. You need a crash helmet for that.

    Blondie Those "nasty worldly people" aren't even charging me a fee for the chair. FREE!!!! I want to go and kiss them all.

    I manage around the apartment pretty well. But just going to the elevator and down to the lobby would be too much to walk. I've learned that the hard way. The pain the next few days just isn't worth it. I hate taking meds but I do tale them when I need to. But I try to minimize the pain as much as possible.

    I tell ya. This whole experience has taught me a lot about taking certain things for granted. Sometimes I struggle with doing something and think how much easier it wou;d be if I just stood up and walked to do what I wanted. I tend to keep slipping in and out of denial. "It's not really that bad" So I try something and reality hits me upside the head. Actually it's more like giving me a swift kick.

    Tis chair is cool and will be wonderful to get me going out when I need to.

    The one I am getting eventually climbs the curb instead of rolling over it. It is waaaay cool.

  • Mysterious

    I like the titling of the thread, it goes contrary to what a lot of people would hold to be true (that a wheel chair would be confining rather than freeing). Glad to hear things are working out for you. Those nasty selfish worldy people running around doing good deeds altruistically sheesh.l

  • ChrisVance

    That's great news!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Mysterious that's interesting

    There is a woman in the building who uses a walker. She can't get from the building to the bus stop. I suggested that she consider a wheelchair. She says she is not ready for that. She sees it as a further restriction on her life. I see it as a way to stay independant.

    I have seen a doctor a the rehab center. She says I shouldn't be in a wheelchair. I should be up walking even if it hurts. She just doesn't get that a life of unbearable and uncontrolled pain or me filled with meds is defeat. Mind you she is the same doctor that didn't know that most of the buses in Ottawa are wheelchair accessible. A ramp folds out and I roll on. And a seat folds up for me to park on the bus. And it is free fro people in wheelchairs or with walkers! And she works with disabled people all the time. She should know this

    I see the chair the same as I would see a pair of glasses. A device that lets me live me life according to what I feel works for me.

    Maybe I see it differently because I worked for many years with people with disabilities. Whether it was sign language or a cane or wheelchair or hearing aids - they are just tools to help us live our lives the best we can.

    Maybe I'm just too practical to see it as a limitation. The foot problem is the limitation. The chair sets me free

  • jgnat

    Beeeyeautiful chair!

    ...and get another doctor.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Jg I wish I could get a different doctor at the rehab. Unfortunately I don't get a choice there.

    My family doctor is really good and we work together well. But we needed the referral to the rehab centre for a couple of the tests I needed and to hook into a physiotherapist. But I doubt I will have to see that doctor again. She pretty much has said she can't do anything for me

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