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  • confused_101

    Hey all I'm sure that this is probably a silly question and maybe I'm just a bit slow (no, not a but could y'all let me know what all the abreviations mean. I get some of them...JW, DW but like DUB, what is that one and any others that are used on a regular basis.

    Mu-chas Grassy-ass!

  • forsharry


    WTS - Watchtower Tract Society

    DA - Disassociated

    DF - Disfellowshipped

    CO - Circuit Overseer

    DO - District Overseer

    Troof - Truth

    SO - Service Overseer

    MS - Ministerial Servant Dub/Dubbie - Jehovah's Witness <example> (I used to be a dub, but then I was DF'ed)

    I'm sure more will be added...that's all I can think of atm.

    Forsharry of the "Alphabet Soup" Class

  • wanderlustguy

    Dub - as in jay-dub as in JW as in Jehovahs Witness

    BTT - back to top

    BORG - The organization, also - the org, WT, WTBS, those bastards, etc

    Wanderlustguy - really cool dude that has a birthday coming up next month - send money.

  • whyamihere

    bttt ......Back to the top!

    LMAO.....Laugh my ass off.


    p.s. I can't think of anymore right now....I should have been blond.

  • TD

    It's not a blonde thing.... "Dub" has sort of evolved on sites like this

    "Dub" = short for "Jay-Dub" = short for "J W" = short for "Jehovah's Witness"

  • confused_101

    Thank you love (said in my chessy english accent). I still wanna know what DUB means...somebody help the slow one.

  • mrsjones5

    What's a PO? DUB - JDUB - JDUBYA (DUBYA, another way to pronouce W) - JW - jehovah's witnesses

  • Mastodon

    DUB or Dubbie, etc. = Active Jehovah's Witness bOrg=Organization (WTS) Boreganization=WTS DumbAss=JW

  • AlmostAtheist

    FDS = Faithful and Discreet Slave

    GB = Governing Body

    BOFI = Bunch o' Freakin' Idiots (Ok, I made that one up. But that phrase just comes to mind when the previous two do. Sort of an "unholy trinity" of phrases)


  • under74

    DUB= means Jdub or Jehovahs Witness/
    DFd= Disfellowshipped

    hmmm...what else...

    bttt=back to the top (of the active topics)
    WT-watch tower
    WTS-Watch tower society
    WTBS- Watchtower Tract & Bible Society (usually used by British posters)

    uh....all I can think of right now. If you have specifics later...feel free to pm me.

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