Fourth and Final Chemo Treatment Coming Up

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  • simplesally

    Anewme, here in my area there is a place called, "Michelle's Place," and through them, a woman can find treatment even though she has no medical insurance. The American Cancer Society had it listed on the information they sent me. I have insurance but happened to meet a volunteer who works there and she told me that Michelle's Place was more than a support group but also made sure that no women were denied treatment, regardless of whether or not they had insurance.

    If it were you or a friend of yours, make sure that you contact the American Cancer Society, or the Komen Foundation.

  • mrsjones5

    Sally and Brenda

  • DanTheMan


    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • MerryMagdalene

    thinkin of ya, SimpleSally~~~~~~~~~~~~with admiration and abundant good wishes


  • codeblue


    So happy to see your posting!!! I have wondered how you have been feeling.

    Sending you tons of positive energy and many hugs...


  • confused_101

    CANCER SUCKS! I just lost my mil to pancreatic cancer. I'm so glad that you are almost at the end of your treatment, keep your chin up and you are in my thoughts!

  • bavman

    Hey Sally! Good to see you still fighting away. I'm thinking about you! ((((((Sally))))))

  • kittyeatzjdubs


    luv, jojo

  • Narkissos

    Best wishes ((((((((((((((((simplesally)))))))))))))))))

  • simplesally

    Thanks for all your responses ..... not looking forward to Monday but at least this part will be over. Then on to the next treatment. Phase 2 will be over. (Phase 1 was the initial surgery --- and I thought that was going to be bad, it was but now its over and I've moved on)

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