Fourth and Final Chemo Treatment Coming Up

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  • outnfree

    (((((Sally))))) It is so nice to see a "Progress Report" from you! I have been keeping you in my prayers. I am about to begin my Taxol/Herceptin regimen this month, too -- next Thursday. For me, the Taxol will be every third week, but the Herceptin will be a full year of weekly treatments. I was dreading the weekly thing, but was told that once I get to the Herceptin alone phase it'll be a breeze. I certainly hope so, for both our sakes. As for the hats-in-the-house, I wear one, too, but find myself yanking it off from time to time when the hot flashes occur. And yet, it's winter in Michigan, and so I laugh about being "... Mom in her cap, all settled down for a long winter's nap" when I find my bald, cold head prevents me from falling asleep!!! I am glad to hear your reconstruction is going well and I, too, applaud your can-do attitude! Love, Brenda

  • under74

    Thinking about you sally and wishing you all the best!

  • Golf

    SS, I wish you all the best. My wife has melanoma. The doctor has twice removed cancerous flesh from off her back. A few months ago she noticed a small growth under her armpit, then all of a sudden it enlarged (as she said, like a small breast) her doctor quickly removed this growth. After going through her recent scans, the doctor told her that she only a week to decide what type of treatment she preferred. She refused.

    My wife took Native medicine for two months. Just last week shewent back for a check up and the doctor gave her good news, she's presently AOK.

    I realize that worry and stress prevents good health. Once again, I wish you all the best.


  • blondie

    Good to see the progress, simplesally. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Love, Blondie

  • hillbilly

    Hi Sally!................HI Brenda! ~Hill

  • simplesally

    Brenda, I heard that my Taxol/Herceptin treatments are going to last for a few HOURS. Not looking forward to that!!! I heard once I get to the H alone that it's only a 90 minute infusion. 12 weeks of weekly visits are not going to be fun! Let me know how it goes for you.

  • Bryan

    Sounds like you're keeping your spirits level for what you're going through. I'm gald you're almost through with the Chemo.

    I have a friend in Jersey who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors say she should have both breasts removed. She's having a very, very hard time with the ordeal.

    Hugs for you!


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  • anewme

    First off, thankyou for the report of your treatments Simplesally.
    You are a brave woman.

    Secondly, I have a question.

    What does a woman in America do if she has no medical insurance and she finds a lump?

    Does the doctor just put his hand up to her ear and whisper "So long!" ?

  • FlyingHighNow
    What does a woman in America do if she has no medical insurance and she finds a lump?

    Does the doctor just put his hand up to her ear and whisper "So long!" ?

    It's very difficult for a person to get treated properly for anything with no insurance.

    My exhusband's cousin was the breadwinner of the family. He was told to draw disability and then to get medicaid. He would feel better and then go back to work and mess it all up, the process of getting medicaid, etc.

  • willowmoon

    anewme (and others) -- Some private docs DO find ways to brush off uninsured patients and many are reluctant to be paid in cash. The best thing is contact a good university teaching hospital, that's where the most current and (imo) best docs are anyway. Most have clinics that offer top quality care based on ability to pay. If it does turn out to be cancer or other serious illness, many times the facility will offer care either for cash or gratis under research programs. Uninsured patients often have to search hard for good medical care, but it IS out there! Never EVER ignore symptoms because of money!!!

    simplesally, warm thoughts to you for a speedy recovery and good health..... Be strong!


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