what would u ask????

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  • undercover

    "So, are Charley Taze and Old Joe getting along okay in heaven? Does Jesus ever have to put them in 'time-out'?"

  • theinfamousone

    hee hee, how about this, will u ever get real answers to these questions??? probably not eh???

    the infamous one

  • lonelysheep

    Are you ever going to answer me???

  • skeeter1

    Which religion or people got it the most right?

  • Golf

    What's our tee off time?


  • Evanescence

    Yes it was a dream I once had in my sleep. Not sure if I had it more than once, but it certainly made a lasting impression. No, I do not still have this dream--and haven't since I was quite young. I'd say about 11.

    Do the dreams still bother you a great deal? I have been reading some books on understanding dreams, maybe you should do the same out of interest Sigmund Frued believes that dreams are peepholes into the unconsious which reveal the hidden secrets of our hearts and minds. Dreams are highly symbolic, and processes and expresses unconsious material through the language of the imagination. Dreams reflect strongly on your surroundings, relationships and current issues in your life. The often bring messages, some of warning (what nightmares generally hold) and others of comfort (your on the right track etc.) Some might make you aware of things your not consciencly aware of... The dream in particular you had, would not be a "message" from Jehovah/God far from it... The fact that you question "would a loving God really do this?" Is probebly exactly what your dream is trying to get you to question. There seems to be in all of us a "truth meter" as a way of putting it, if something seems incredibily wrong a "red flag" would be raised. Recurring dreams in particular are attention grabbers, and that dream definatly got your attention eversince to this day you still contemplate it. Its Recurring dreams that have an important message that its trying to get accross to you. Recurring dreams often date back to childhood. a child would struggle with this dream because of the "powerless feelings" they might get, and its not until you mature and when your older that you are able to overcome them. Once you are able to respond to the recurring dream, and answer its message, then it would stop. It still has a lasting impression, probebly because it has a powerful message, "would a loving God do this?" I may not exactly interpretated your dream correctly, You are your own dream expert. But I hope that helps In peace, Evanescence

  • atypical

    I would say:

    "God, howcome only whacko nutjobs think they represent you?"

  • atypical


    "come on - just give me the new light first.......please?!"

  • Confession


    Thanks for your attention on this. Let me be perfectly clear: this dream was never recurring (I don't think.) It was not something that caused me to cry or (as far as I am aware) become terrified. I believe I may have thought of that dream 8 or 10 times in the last (nearly) 30 years. I became reminded of it in the last year, since I began to discover the truth about the Watchtower Society. It does not fill me with dread to remember it.

    It's just a dream I remembered having when I was young that was pretty scary at the time, and gave me a moment's question as to why Jehovah would really be willing to annihilate these kids I went to school with.

    I think I remember it--not only because of its vividness--but also because it seemed so different from other dreams I'd had (so far as I could remember.) My adult explanation of that is that this dream seemed symbolic. (Yes, I know that most dreams are symbolic, but we only come to that understanding later. On the other hand, this one seemed obviously symbolic--even at my young age.) It was unlike most dreams, which kind of play like a little movie. It was more like a silent, mini-documentary. To me it seems that this dream was the result of my own mind's difficulty rationalizing the belief that Almighty God would violently destroy these kids--because their parents wouldn't listen to us at the door.

    I think my mind was drawing this odd notion to the fore, making me take a good look at it. It is just another of the "flashpoints" that I experienced throughout my life, which eventually (at long last) led me to give the organization an objective investigation.

  • Evanescence
    this dream was never recurring (I don't think.)

    A recurring dream is a dream you have more than once.. so 8 to 10 times is definatly recurring.

    I think my mind was drawing this odd notion to the fore, making me take a good look at it. It is just another of the "flashpoints" that I experienced throughout my life, which eventually (at long last) led me to give the organization an objective investigation.

    Yes, that was probebly what the dream was trying to bring you to

    Another pointer is people you see in your dreams could either symbolically mean aspects of yourself or a relationship you are having with the person.

    e.g. If you picture a friend who is very artistic, he could be the "artistic" part of you

    But i'm glad you've gotton ontop of that dream, those dreams can be disturbing.. There are some good books out there that can help in suggestion of these dreams.

    You could even write about the dream or do a cartoon script if you plan to work with the dream


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