"Go and get yourself ADOPTED THEN!!!!!!"

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  • magoo

    ....................the "water" that flows from the wacktower(wtbs) is thicker than "blood." they have always felt that the "sickciety" was more important than family.follow the rules or else!! it is too bad your ex doesn't realize how much he is hurting your daughter....or maybe he just doesn't care. i am sorry she & yourself has to endure such treatment.kudos to your husband for being a "real man & father."


  • katiekitten

    Thats lousy. What a crap dad. He doesnt deserve a daughter. I hope his $300 a month chokes him.

    Thank god your daughter has a mother and step father that loves her.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'll try to post this again

    jgnat made a good suggestion about talking to the school. you might want to do this with her doctor as well.

    As hard as this right now it might be a good thing. It will certainly convince your daughter to never become a JW. And it can be a good warning for your younger child as well.

    Sometimes something good can really come out of bad situations

  • Jez

    Doogie: You are right, she is an amazingly wise girl. She sees right through his ‘control’ tactics and tells me that he is trying to engage her in a power struggle, and she refuses to ‘plug into’ it.

    Jeff: In your absolute honest opinion - Do you think his behaviour is a result of being a JW? Or would he have been just the same kind of jerk if he had not ever been one? Not defending - just analyzing a little. There are plenty of non JW jerks out there. Could it be just his personallity, and not his religion.? Just trying to think objectively a bit here. I have seen the same kind of jerkish behaviour from both courts.

    Great question. I enjoyed thinking about it. When I was married to him, he was abusive, controlling etc towards me, and almost inactive. BUT he was a decent father to the girls. I can’t complain about that. It was only after he remarried into a fanatical JW family that he became very militant about "the truth". It is like his only mission in life now is to get them to be JWs and to hell with every else connected to his relationship with them. I do believe that without me in his life to temper his insanity, the ones surrounding him have fostered it. That includes his family, his wife’s family, and his religion. A very twisted mind can now use religion to justify his thoughts. So, in short, his personality and his religion feed off of each other.

    Jgnat: My idea is that you notify the school about your actions to sever familial ties with this man and restrict all access to information about his former daughter. Get it in writing that they will not disclose anything to this man without your daughter's express permission.

    I can’t do that because he has joint custody therefore legal rights to obtain her records. That is why my husband wants to adopt her OR we file for sole custody. I am meeting with my $150 an hour lawyer on Tuesday to discuss our options.

    LadyLee, my husband and I were just talking about that last night. What a way to make your religion tantalizing! If he wanted her to check it out, why would he go about it this way, by shoving it down her throat and being confrontational about it? I don’t need to say anything, he is doing a fine job all on his own.

    Magoo, yup there is nothing more important than your spiritual family, not even your children. Condition #1: you must be a JW for me to accept you.


  • diamondblue1974
    she is an amazingly wise girl. She sees right through his ‘control’ tactics

    Chip off the old block then is she?

    Oops didnt mean the 'old' bit lol


  • Jez

    (grabs DB and uses these ol lady arms and legs to beat him to the ground)

    (stands up, wipes hands together) "Who you callin' old?"

  • jeanniebeanz

    Well, speaking from experience all I have to say is:

    JWs do not teach men to be fathers

    And maybe,

    JWs do not teach men to be fathers

    But, on the other hand we have to look at the fact that

    JWs do not teach men to be fathers

    Of course

    JWs do not teach men to be fathers

    Mostly though, and in conclusion, I would just like to say that

    JWs do not teach men to be fathers

    ((((((((Jez and daughter))))))))


  • Carmel

    I hate to see the jerk get off without continuing to pay! Where is the justice???


  • simplesally

    Dr. Laura would call your ex a 'sperm donor' and your husband would be the real dad! It takes more than sperm to be a father!

  • YoursChelbie
    she is welcome BUT she MUST attend all meetings

    That is not unconditional love.


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