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  • force

    i dont see ma dad anymore. i tried to see him once about 3 months ago and it didnt work out. he is more bothered about his new family. in 2 years i saw him about 3 times.

    my mum got mixed up with jws about 4 years ago and she got babtised a few wk ago but that dont matter much becus she was like one for a long time anyway, abt a year ago she changed. she let me do things b4 and she wont let me now and she sez its becus she didnt know b4 it was wrong but now she dus.

    i liked to watch b4 on tv Little england but now she wont let me - wots rong wiv little england ?- if she finks thats bad she shud c summa the stuff ive seen. she wont let me watch family guy either. if i wanna watch stuff i have to hide it n watch it wen she goes to meetings , thats the only time she goes out n wen shes ere i have to put up with jw people and jw kids who are so boring. i had to change skool becus the skool was run by the church and now i go to a girls skool. i cant c how i can wait 2 yrs till i can do wot i want. ma bro is ok but he not allowed to ave his girlfriend stay now but he just goes there. life aint fair

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey force,

    How old is your mom, maybe 30-35? You'd be doing her (and yourself) a tremendous favor to help her see the JW's for what they are. But you can't do that from a "rebel" standpoint, nor can you pull it off by just stating that you don't believe the way she does.

    But you COULD (maybe) be successful if you show interest in her religion and get her to explain it to you. JW's seem like they have all the answers, but that's because they largely control the questions that get asked. There are many, many things you can bring up with her that she won't be able to answer from the Bible.

    Don't pick on anything squidgy like "Trinity" or "Paradise Earth versus Heaven", since the Bible can be used to prove or disprove any of that stuff, depending on what you walk in the door wanting to believe. But there are definitely disprovable things taught by JW's.

    You have to play it cool, though. You can't just storm up to her and start refuting her beliefs or you'll get labelled an "opposer". From then on, she won't listen to you. Get some more advice from others here before you act, but I would suggest you ask her to help you understand her point of view. Get her talking about one of these disprovable doctrines, then present the refutation in the form of, "OK, well, I don't understand how that jives with this... can you explain it to me?" Leave the proof up to her.

    If you want to pursue this, we can help you come up with good topics to hit on.

    Good luck!


    P.S. No Family Guy?!? That's gotta be considered child abuse! My heart goes out to you...

  • force

    i dont really say much to her bwt it. i dont really no alot. she told me adam n even did some bad and ate the fruit n thats y the worlds a mess but i dont get it you no. i mean, y is that my fault. i did ask her and she told me summat but i cant remember much bwt it. i went to a church skool n they had assembly every morning and we prayed n did the bit but no one was much bothered u no. i dont mind her being a jehovah witness if she let me carry on like b4. wot stuff can i ask her bwt?

  • Ellie

    Hi there Force, I hope you read this board a lot and don't let your mum persuade you to go to meetings and things, they have ways of brainwashing people.

  • YoursChelbie
    now i go to a girls skool.

    I get the feeling you are in a country besides the US. but I'm not sure. For a 15 year old, you sure do have a lot of pressure put on you at such a young age.

    Take advantage of every oportunity to learn about he JW religion so that you can give good reasons to your mom as to why you don't want to go with her to the meetings. Try asking her why the 1914 date no longer means what it used to. Maybe in trying to give you an explanation, she'll see the non-sense of the cult she just joined.


  • dorayakii

    Hi there force, welcome to the board. I guess you're in the UK... Somewhere "up north" if i can detect your "accent" correctly? I'm down south in London.

    I'm not really sure what advise to give you. If you cherish the relationship that you have with your mum, you can learn a little bit more about the JW's from here and be VERY prepared to ask her certain questions and lead her down logically irrefutable lines of reasoning.

    If you're not confident in your ability to do that, under no circumstances must you go to the Kingdom Hall again. Even if you have to go to a "Memorial" once a year, try to keep contact with her JW friends to a minimum and don't engage in any religious discussion with them. Be firm that you don't like talking about religious issues, or that you really are not interested. Never feel guilty about doing this, it's your right. However, as AlmostAtheist said: play it cool... don't let it all enrage you.

    As for the TV, Internet and cinema problem*, keep close to the friends that you already have, become even closer to them and try and do things around their houses as much as you can. She will most likely try to cut off your contact with them. You must fight to your last breath to keep your friends... if you don't and you lose them, it will be very difficult for you as you are very unlikely to find true friends in the JWs.

    I don't know what you are planning, but keep your eye on what you want to accomplish in your life, whether it be a career or further education. Put you're whole strength into your GCSEs and don't let anything distract you from those, they are so important. Be selfish, but try not to deliberately start conflict with your mother. Don't use terms like "it's not fair" or "i don't care" with her, but reason with her as much as you can

    Things will not likely get easier for you as long as your mother remains in the religion, but as long as you can keep your mind free of their brainwashing tactics, you should be ok. Two years is a long time to wait when you're 15. I hate to say this to you but... lie to her about which film you are seeing, and be a good lyer, lol... a 15 year old has to have fun.

    * p.s. As for Little Britain, you have Bubble De Vere who is nude and grotesque, Ting Tong the Thai catalogue bride, Daffyd the only gay in the village, rubbish transvetite Emily Howard etc, all of whom exibit qualities that the JWs think are immoral or satanic. In the same way, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia are forbidden films. Not because anyone specifically says that they are bad, but because every JW should "know" that they are.

  • mouthy

    If not, hang around here. Plenty of bros and sis and mum's and dad's.


    Hey Doofdaddy you forgot me GRANNY

  • skyman

    Happy to see you here. I have a daughter a little younger than you. she once thought just like you, But I changed ther is hope. She tells me how much she hated her life before my wife and I woke up.

    We are here when you are down, we will not judge you for how you feel because you have the right to feel the way you do.

  • force

    hello everybody i really like being here and thank u for being nice to me, it really nice having some people who i can talk to - and a granny LOL i never had a granny b4.

    i live in England and i go to a girls high skool. no boys - i hate it.

    ma friends now tape Little England for me. i love the new series its so funny. i like vicky pollard - that used to be me HaHa.

    last year i was really bad at skool. this year ive done better - its a better skool i just wish there were boys there. anyway we just had an attitude survey and i got 13 ones and 8 twos. mum said i would get £10 for every one and £5 for every two and £5 knocked off for a three - it goes from 1 to 6 (6 is da worst). last year i got all threes and fours. so IM RICH. i got £160 pounds an im gonna get me an IPOD.

    i like your advice its cool. i am doing that. i dont say much to mum. i got two good friends and they know and now i got here as well. i just dont like being sneaky an lying. i didnt have to b4 and some people may think wen ur young u like lying but i dont anyway.

    anyway im going to see The Lion the witch an the wardrob today, and after HARRY POTTER - sssshhhh. i got go see the LWAW first so i can tell me mum what happens LOL

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