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  • rebel8

    Hi joel, beautiful! In the 1st pic, the 2 items on the left--do you know what that glazing technique is called? I have a paint your own pottery class by me and I want to do a few pieces with that technique but I'm having a hard time describing it to the store owner. That's the effect I want. (Took ceramics in college--apparently I've forgotten most of it!)

  • under74

    you know I went to art school and took a sculpture class with an instructor that was all about pottery. I never could get a grip on it...the clay always collapsed on me and if it didn't I'd mess up with the kiln or glaze. And that's why I stuck to video and film.

    Anyway, good for you for finding a niche.

  • rebel8

    Just remembered--is it called Raku?

  • z

    Wow Joel I’m in design and somewhat famous you have great talent the color the shapes just AWOSAM did you paint the table? Not many have talent for art look like you have it I hope you will do more


  • tetrapod.sapien


    you are a god! you are the potter, and these are your vessels. if they ever rebel, smash them! ;)

    nice work dude...


  • joelbear

    hi z,

    yes i painted the tables also. the whole gallery is done in a from black and white to colored world feel. b & w photes and color, b & w paintings and color, etc.

    i like the way color splashes look against black and white.



  • acsot

    joel, they're beautiful. As someone else asked, do you sell them?

  • joelbear

    haven't got to the point of thinking of selling them yet. i have only made 35 pieces so far. 20 i am keeping for my personal home gallery and 15 I am giving as xmas presents.

    my next three pieces are going to be handbuilt rather than thrown and I plan to attach smaller pieces to form 3 conglomerate pieces.

    after that I will have no more room to put anything in my house. LOL. so i may try selling them.

  • bem

    They are all nice, But I love the turquiose colored ones, I have always wanted to do pottery and clay work when I was a kid I grew up in Arizona where we found old pottery pieces on the farm, since then I've always wanted to make bowls & vessels , I need to make that my next craft project.

    So if you aren't ready to sell them Joel, Wanna put me on your christmas gift list? ( yes I'm shameless)

  • joelbear

    more pieces and pictures of me throwing a bowl at my web site

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