how do JW's handle being witnessed to by other religious evangelizers?

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  • limbogirl

    Recently I was at my mother's house -- she is Queen JW of her kh (I kid you not) -- when there was a knock on the door and what do you was two young women from one of the local churches out inviting people to attend services. My mother proceeded to seriously beat the sh*t out of them with her bible knowledge and confusing chronologies. The two women didn't back down but they soon realized they were in way over their heads. When they got to a point that they couldn't keep up with her firing scriptural bullets at them, my mother told them they needed to have one of their elders pay her a visit for further discussion. I was hovering in the background listening to all of this absolutely mortified!! Then I had to hear my mother relate this "witnessing experience" to my elder step-dad and I was absolutely shocked at how pleased she was at how she had handled these two women. (I'm sure she probably also shared it during the tms at the kh) There was so much I wanted to say to her at the time but didn't -- I can't discuss this stuff with her because she's so irrational about it. No JW (no matter how much they love persecution) wants to be treated like crap at a door -- so why is it ok to do that to someone coming to their door. Is my mother so misguided as to think that those two women would want to join up with the JWs after being treated so rudely? Not sure where I'm going with this other than venting and expressing my incredulity once again at the confusing, hypocritical JW-World.

  • Dune

    I remember once that me and my brother ( i was about 13) went up to this door of a notorious witness hater (no one told us to skip the door) I tell you, he WHOOPED us. I mean, i'm not the most articulate in Watchtower lore, but i consider myself a pretty good speaker and debator (verbatim sentences from the RS book), but this guy was going for it.

    When he stopped, he just smiled and said "You can come back if you want, but do your homework, cause i'm doing mine". When we turned around, an elder and an MS were there and they told us that the guy refused to "reason" for the past 30 years.. I still felt bad because i thought i failed because i couldnt match up to him, my brother thought we won though,lol.

  • blondie
    Is my mother so misguided as to think that those two women would want to join up with the JWs after being treated so rudely?

    That's what 30 years of TMS and service meetings can do for you.


  • Finally-Free
    Is my mother so misguided as to think that those two women would want to join up with the JWs after being treated so rudely?

    Without realizing it she probably did them a favour. They'll probably tell their friends, and none of them will ever bother speaking to a JW again.


  • mrsjones5

    That's called Theocratic Warfare and I think she lost the battle and she dont even know it.

  • blondie

    When I was a JW, those were the kind of JWs I would not go out door to door with. I called them loose cannons.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I have heard stories from my sister in laws about when the Mormons came to visit at their house and the theocratic show down that went on....My God is bigger than You're God...etc.

    My sister in law was also telling me about who they went out in service to the Sikh <sp> commune/ashram down the road from MIL's house. I still think that was one of the most stupid things I have ever heard!

    If a JW goes to Italy do they stop by the Vatican and try to convert the people?

    Silly rabbits....trix are for kids!


  • AnnOMaly

    How do they handle it? They almost always treat it as an opportunity to witness. Just like any driven evangelical would with JWs. While many evangelicals will see JWs as unsaved members of a dangerous cult, which will reflect in their attitude to JWs when they come to the door, many JWs will see the church member coming to their door as a harmful part of apostate, unsaved Christendom, which may reflect in the manner they speak to them. Quite ironic, really.

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  • FairMind

    I’ve always listened to people of other religions when they want to discuss their faith. There is a time and place for discussing differences in beliefs. If it is the right time and/or place I’m not afraid to speak up and ask questions or to defend my beliefs. The key is mutual respect. Everyone (including JWs) has a right to his or her beliefs and opinions. We must all be FairMinded.

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