Who is Charles Sunutko?

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  • VM44

    In the Spring of 1967 District Overseer Charles Sunutko gave in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the talk, "Serving With Everlasting Life in View"

    A recording of that talk is available on the internet at several places, easily found by a Google search.

    But who is (was?) Charles Sunutko?

    He is not to be found in any database, other than associated with that talk he gave. Giving that talk is the only indication that he ever existed.

    Is his named being spelled correctly?

    Does anyone know anything about him?


  • blondie



    There is a Charles Sinutko in Desert Springs CA where he retired.


  • RubaDub

    Yes, I recall him from a LONG time ago .. back maybe for the 60's ?????

    He was in the NY/NJ area. I thought he was a CO but maybe he was DO at the time.

    But then, he could have be CO prior to being DO.

    Rub a Dub

  • VM44

    Thanks Blondie,

    How did you find out his name is spelled with an i, Sinutko?

    More internet searching on "Charles Sinutko" gives:

    CHARLES B SINUTKO, age 96 in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

    And there is a Elizabeth (Betty) B Sinutko, also in Desert Hot Sprints, CA., possibly this would be his wife.

    The age of 96 is about right, 38 years ago in 1967, he would be 58, a good age for a District Overseer.


  • DannyHaszard
    In the Spring of 1967 District Overseer Charles Sunutko gave in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the talk, "Serving With Everlasting Life in View"

    All the old timers (my parents grandparents) who served are ALL DEAD

  • VM44

    Is he mentioned at all in the Watchtower Library CD? --VM44

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    It seems he is not mentioned on the WT CD, unless they've spelled his name even more incorrectly this time around.

    This wouldn't be surprising, given that the WTS is against all forms of "creature worship" and one thing required of their "company men" is that they give up their names to don the cloak of WTS power over the meek and yearning.

    I will guess that Brooklyn was not pleased in the slightest that Sinutko's name has become synonymous with "Watchtower Fruitcake." I'll bet they don't call ol' Charlie very often to ask how he's doing.

    It is gratifying to hear that Brother sunutko is STILL serving with Everlasting Life in view, which I always thought was the wrong reason.

  • SadElder

    Try this again.

    Chuck Sinutko was a CO and then a DO. We ran in to him in

    Some may remember his singing the song From House to House at the special meeting held in when Harold King returned to the . Word has it that Nathan “the beak” Knorr was not impressed. In recent times his singing reappeared in the ill received, and poorly produced CD, “Singing Kingdom Songs”. In concept this CD was to have been a nice representation of some of the better Kingdom songs. Karl Klein and his lackey Joe Spinelli pushed through the final and awful rendition that was finally released.

  • r51785

    Hi VM44 Charles Sinutko Jr. was a circuit and district overseer. The 96 year old Charles Sinutko would have to be his father. I grew up in New Jersey and in our congregation was Paul Sinutko Sr. who was Charles Sinutko Sr's brother. Paul Sinutko Sr had a son named Paul Sinutko Jr who would be about 50 now except that he passed away in the 90's. Paul Sinutko Sr also passed away in the 90's. I first met Charles Sinutko Jr around 1970 in New Jersey. From my recollection he was about 15-20 years older than Paul Sinutko Jr which would have made him about 30-35 then and about 65-70 now. In 1970 Charles Jr. seemed very young for a district overseer. He was an extremely gifted speaker and had an extraordinary singing voice. I met him again several years later in the congregation that you and I both attended in California. I'm surprised you don't remember him. He was our circuit overseer around 1974. That was the last I saw of him. Of course I left Watchtowerism around 1980. Hope this helps Take care Bob

  • IronGland

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