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  • AlmostAtheist

    What's the talk and what material is it supposed to be based on? I seriously doubt it would be tough to whack together a talk here on the forum.

    Personally I'd sleep so well that night knowing that a board of apostates wrote the talk that all the mind-controlled robots nodded their heads appreciatively over! Witnessing to a coworker at lunch You: What's wrong Karen? You look troubled.
    Karen: It's my son, he's [involved with whatever the talk's about]. You: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. It seems that this world just gets worse and worse. Sometimes good people get swept up in its badness.
    Karen: That's so true. You: Karen, I have learned from my study of the Bible that soon God will bring an end to [whatever it is that the son is involved in] and will make the earth a paradise. Would you like me to show you some scriptures about that?
    Karen: Oh yes, please. yada, yada,...


  • heathen

    OHH here's an idea , why don't you tell use what scriptures you have and theme and we will throw some ideas around . LOL

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    LOL Almost!!! I have missed you guys! You all are really old softies aren't you? HL

  • ridgerunner57

    LOL. I used to come in late, walk straight back to the bulletin board to see if I had a talk that night. If I did, I'd sit down and make it up on the back of a napkin or what ever was available. You only have to talk for 5 minutes on a simple topic. These people are brain dead and trained to listen to whatever drivel comes from the platform. They just smile away about what a fine young WT you are. If your playing the game, it's not that hard. I personally got tired of it and took my WT sales training to greener pastures. good luck with that!

  • FreeWilly

    Stilla, You're 22 hon....

  • seattleniceguy

    LOL @ Dave. There was one formula talk that was even worse that that. The setting was At a Bible Study, and they would just read the fricking paragraphs from the book and then repeat the answers. Awesome. This got to be so bad that we had a local needs part about knocking it off.

  • Evanescence

    How long does the speech have to go for? And what does it have to be about?


  • rebel8

    Ya seriously, repost in the "private" folder and we'll help ya.

  • z
  • AuldSoul

    You could write the talk so that the householder doesn't ask the typically scripted question. She could ask what authority the Faithful and Discreet Salve has over the Governing Body. She wouldn't even know she was asking an apostate question. You could probably sneak in, "Does secular history support your belief that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BC?" and "Is it true that you guys can only research things that are approved on the Internet?"

    Then you could fumble around like a real Witness at the door and offer to do more research and come back at a later time. You could look really embarrassed and the back room convo would be with your householder. HAH!

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