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  • stillAwitness

    I got final exams next week and on top of that an elder called me last night to "remind me" about my talk next week!

    I didn't even know of course and I've got loads of studying to do already.

    Anyways, I've heard of sites that have "sample" talks already written out and prepared for you to give one.

    Please link me to one of these sites if anyone is familiar with these.

  • LDH

    Call back and tell him you can't do it. Tell him that REAL SCHOOL, not TheoKratic Ministry SKool takes priority.

    You can tell him I sent ya.


  • stillAwitness

    If only it was so easy.

    My mother would go into convulsions if she found out I was cancelling out on a talk. She dragged me out of bed at 9:30 in the morning even though I had been up studying half the night just to tell me he was on the phone.

    I'm like : I'm sleep?? Hello? She was all hyper like it was Jesus on the phone or something.

  • Dansk

    I agree with Lisa. Get your priorities right! Your whole future could lie with passing your finals - not with something from the TMS. Seriously, many students in my old hall got time off from the TM school in order to complete their exams - including elders' children!


  • AuldSoul
    like it was Jesus on the phone or something.

    As close to a personal relationship with a savior as she's likely to get. It is sad that he is an earthling man to "whom no salvation belongs."

    stillAwitness, if you want help from us on getting up a talk...

    I would recommend you make it as absolutely dull and boring as possible. Read directly from the Reasoning book as much as you can. And delight in knowing that the TMSO is sitting there trying to figure out how to give encouraging counsel after such an atrocious bomb.

    Then look forward to telling us about all the nice, insincere compliments you got.

    That is my recommendation. Oh, and if the material allows for it misapply stuff as much as possible. You won't get assigned a talk for a while, guaranteed. When you are assigned another talk it will b basic plain Jane material.


  • AuldSoul

    And make it a three minute talk.

  • stillAwitness

    That was what my last talk was like! I read everything straight from the book. A complete snooze and I was actually told that I will need to wrok on that "point" again. Well, I guess there are no sites like that out there. I've been looking for the past 20 minutes.

    At least I can get my mother to buy me a new alfit!

  • mouthy

    In all honesty I would cancel even if Mother is shocked -she will get over it. Tell them if you expect to Pioneer in the future =because you wont be able to get a good job if you dont pass. You MUST complete this test..... It isnt fair to put the folks in the congregation to "stale bread"

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Here is a shortened version of one;

    I have been held in captive to the concept that this organization is God's mouthpiece for too long already. I came here tonight to inform all of you that I am no longer buying it. I have seen proof that this organization hides child molesters, allows the brothers in Mexico to bribe the officials, owns major shares in munition manufacturing firms, became an affliated group with the United Nations for a decade, [add other things of seriousness to you]. In addition, they have attempted to make me worship an organization and forget my mediator is really Jesus. So goodbye.

    Just my Opinion


  • Carmel

    Check your pms. I'm sending you a sample of "Paris Talks"


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