Anyone involved in the Pioneer Assist Program?

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  • theinfamousone

    i ended up murdering my pioneer assister... HE WAS A RETARD.... and he kept telling me how it was awesome... he didnt need to get a real job, cuz he still lived with his mom and dad, and they were so proud that he was pioneering and always gave him money to go out with his friends and stuff... hes like my job is to hang out with my brothers and sisters all the time... THE POSER WAS 32 years old... fuck, what a loser... i told him i didnt want his assistance anymore and that was the end of it.. the elders did pull me aside and say it was rude and i wasnt showing a willing spirit.... FUCKING LAZY PRICKS!!!

    the infamous one

  • rick1199

    In my cong the 2 pioneers where grabbed by two eldars daughters who already where out 2 or 3 times a week and already working with the pioneers.

  • misspeaches

    he he he creepy... i can't imagine you being like that too.

    Sounds like your assister wasn't so much of a retard. I think he recognised a free ride when he saw it! LOL

    Hi Rick - welcome by the way! I think that it was more of a buddying people up with their friends in some areas... Maybe your SO didn't really care. as long as the program was being used and the CO didn't give him a hard time???

  • rebel8

    Way back when I was a pioneer we had a program but it worked both ways. The pioneers were supposed to purposely focus on working in FS with a few people deemed in need of "encouragement", and likewise elderettes and people of that ilk were supposed to select us to "encourage" us. The latter lasted only long enough for the encouragers to go around saying they were encouraging us, then it stopped.

  • LDH

    Hilarity. Never heard of such nonsense. When I was a Regular Pioneer, (90 hours mind you, not 70!!!!!!) the only adults who were pioneers were literally window washers. (Ken & Debbie McCarthy)

    Everyone else was a young adult like myself.

    The McCarthys really thought they were Spiritual Giants. TM They were legends in their own mind. I remember one day Ken told me that if I had to have coffee regularly, I was a drug addict. He realized that about himself, and was working to make changes. <<guffaw>> If I'm spending freaking 90 hours a month selling your crap ass magazines and my only pleasure is a cuppa joe from Dunkin Donuts, you ain't takin it away!

  • misspeaches

    LOL @ LDH.... I am assuming that this program was established after your exit then?

    However I think age didn't really matter. For some reason it was deemed acceptable to have someone half your age 'ASSISTING' you even if you had been a JW all your life and were 50+. Saw it quite a few times. No one I knew questioned it. Well not out loud anyway.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    You kill me. TM ...thats a riot! I was SO for awhile and made arrangements for Pio Assists but they never followed through. If they did they would have had to go through the same damn book they hated to go through with interested persons let alone someone obviously trying to fade!!!

    Keep it up LDH, you're my hero!


  • Vivamus

    I was in it as well, as the assistee. My hours weren't as good as they should have been and I didn't answer at the meetings unless I had something brilliant to say. The elders had two objections to that 1) it's wasn't they place or time to give such answers. 2) Why did I feel to arrogant to give anwers in the manner 4-year old children could and would give?

    Anyway, I wasn't in it for very long. I didn't feel very much aided and soon after I got DF'd.

  • LDH

    Miss and Was, thanks for the laughs!

    I am assuming that this program was established after your exit then?

    I wouldn't assume that. It could be that I either:

    1. ignored it
    2. have selectively repressed this memory
    3. participated and it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now.

    I choose to believe #3.....


    ASS-isstant Class

  • Lilycurly

    The moment I heard that "loving arrangement" made from the stage, I just knew for sure that they would assign someone to help me. Not that I didn't make good hours, but I was always the shy girl who needed to go out more, and to make more return visits.

    It was not a very pleasant experience, the pionner sister they assigned to me made me go out on week-days after school (and it was winter time) and she had a baby, and we were mostly alone all of the time. *shudder* Really a waste of good youth time.

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