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  • acuragirl

    Does anyone think that the alot of x -dubs or even dubs still active have or end up having mental problems or mental illness,i think so personally. I think its how i ended up with my anxiety problems.I just want to know what everyone thinks about this subject. Any thoughts??

  • cyber-sista

    Yes! A large percentage of JWs I knew were on meds. There are past posts on this subject. The WT promotes paranoid delusional thinking and this creates a lot of anxiety in its followers. The stories on this subject go on and on. I am still putting myself back together after my 20+ years of association. I finally had to leave as it had become so unhealthy for me and my family to be involved. It is crazy making stuff the WT subjects its members to.

    Take care--there is life after the WT,


  • These3Words

    Ive been out for 15 years and I still get attacks. Sometimes I have to pull over so i don't cause a crash.Medications just muted the problems, they did not offer a solution.Personal Prayer, and not setting foot in a Kingdom Hall or a Church again has been good therapy for me.If it wasn't for my wife and kids I would be dead!


  • blondie

    There are mental illnesses that have physical causes, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. These would not be "caused" by being in the Borg. They could be aggravated because of being discouraged from taking your meds or from seeing a psychiatrist.

    Other illnesses are more situational and can dissipate when the environment/surroundings change.

    It is always best to seek competent medical help and cooperate with treatment which also includes counseling.


  • stillAwitness

    My mother is a prime example of this: she suffers from depression both my parents have been insomniacs for 5 years now. You can find her at 3:00 in the morning preparing her WT.

    She never feels like she is doing enough and in turn is very unhappy. it makes me sad

  • theinfamousone

    these people are nuts... they cause us to be nuts... so we just need to realize its them or us... lets not let them win, lets not feel sorry for ourselves and lets just walk away.... DAMN IF IT WERE ONLY THAT EASY EH? they screw us up...

    the infamous one

  • acuragirl

    Stilla witness: I can totally relate to you, my mom is the same way, except she very paranoid. I just recently went to my doctor who gave me paxil , im not taking it. My therapist told me i didnt need it.My anxiety has been classifed as a disorder but not rendering meds,if i can stand it.We will see,some days im good others im a mess. Im trying my hardest to stay away from meds, i dont believe they really cure anything.I have really negative thoughts from the doom and gloom ive been taught all my life. So yes Blondie ,i think the borg does CAUSE these problems.IF i hadnt been taught i was going to die every day if i didnt do everything to please God, im might be ok. In fact i know they do.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I don't know of any studies that specifically cite Jehovah's witnesses specifically causative in mental health issues. I would expect that any high-control environment, religious or secular would have an impact on free beings' mental health.

    How could waiting on each heartbeat for the destruction of 6 billion people in the worlds most cataclysmic destruction ever envisioned not have an effect of that sort?


  • AuldSoul

    theinfamousone, you are so right. If only we could just walk away. But doing so costs us. I believe if they changed the rules again so that families could talk to DA'd persons, they'd lose half the organization overnight.

    Yeah, these folks are real zealous. God's spirit is clearly evident among them. That's why they have to threaten them with emotional discipline to get people to stay in. That's why apostates can easily infect them minds of an unsuspecting Witness.

    Their teachings are so simple and are based so firmly on the Scriptures that the average Witness can't establish the need for an organization from the Scriptures without going to a little brown book and reading the explanation.

    If you ask them to explain why the group that is supposed to be over everything is under the Governing Body they only have a blank stare in response since the (sophistic) Reasoning book doesn't say anything about that, and holy spirit doesn't give them a word to say.

    It makes me want to scream sometimes.

    acuragirl, they attract mentally and emotionally unstable people and they make mentally and emotionally unstable people out of those who weren't initially.


  • AuldSoul
    AK-Jeff: I don't know of any studies that specifically cite Jehovah's witnesses specifically causative in mental health issues.

    There was a study posted a while back about mental health study in Australia that showed a sharply increased reporting among Jehovah's Witnesses of certain types of mental illnesses. I will try to find it.


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