Finish the sentence, "A Liberal JW ...."

by jgnat 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • GentlyFeral

    • watches only the most upbuilding R-rated movies.
    • teaches her children that "bad association" means "people who don't know how to behave."
    • offers craft hints to worldlings who complain about the high cost of Christmas ornaments, but never makes any ornaments herself.
    • shows her children pictures of Stone-age artifacts and says, "Look how clever Adam and Eve and their descendants were after they had to leave the Garden of Eden!"
    • is likely to be "the nicest Jehovah's witness" her worldly neighbors have ever met.

      GentlyFeral speaking from memory

  • stillAwitness

    - Is almost always late for the meetings and usually ends up leaving right before the prayer

    - Takes vacations once a year and drives a (GASP!) 2 door Honda Civic

    - Is liked by the 'younger people' in the hall who think they're "cool"

    - Still leaves the assembly building for lunch during the noon break

    -And parks where they please despite the parking attendants direction

    - Has stacks of WT/Awake articles in full supply on their coffee table

    - still "goes home for christmas"

    - Has taught their kids about the Birds and the Bees without the aid of a WT article

  • jgnat

    LOL at this one..

    watches only the most upbuilding R-rated movies. embarrassed by hardline talks and explains to non-JW's that what they heard wasn't what was meant.

    ...wait on Jehovah.

    ...sincerely believe that cleanliness is next to godliness.

    ...sincerely believe that they leave cleaner lives than their non-JW neighbours.

    ...go out of their way to drink and party as hard as their worldly friends (but not smoke, never, never smoke).

    ...have a savings plan for retirement.

  • mrsjones5

    lets their kids watch all of the holiday programs on tv.

    says nothing when their daughters make it on the spirit squads in high school.

    waits for the prom pictures.

    asks child which college are they going to and make suggestions.

    permits children to have "worldly" friends who actually come over and visit.

    doesnt push their children to get baptised. My parents did this and more and now wonder why we didnt become jws.


  • jgnat
    waits for the prom pictures.

    That is so poignant, mrsjones. It seems to me a liberal JW has a many more opportunities to love, spontaneously.

  • serendipity

    ...let's their kids keep Christmas presents, Valentine gifts, etc

    ... let's their kids participate in extracurricular activities at school, including community service

    ... gives to charity, even the Red Cross and maybe even volunteers

    ... talks about her "career"

    ... doesn't attend meetings while away on vacation

    ... has an interest in election returns, even if not a voter

    ... comments freely on politics and politicians (so much for neutrality)

    JGNAT says: ...sincerely believe that they leave cleaner lives than their non-JW neighbours.

    Oh, no. My neighbors are much better at keeping their houses and yards clean.

  • TD

    ....who cannot help but burst out laughing at some stupid remark during a meeting, claps a hankerchief to their face and pretends it's a sneeze.

  • mrsjones5

    gives their children things to write with and color at district conventions

  • blondie

    A Liberal JW

    Goes hunting during the CO's visit

    Goes out to listen to the game on the van radio during the lunch break (and during the song/announcement break)

    Stays in hotels not on the "approved" list

    Brings plenty of booze and stocks their own bar in their hotel room having many friends over every evening after the convention hiring some 13 year old "sister" to watch their children

    Watches R-rated movies being careful to FF during the "bad" parts


  • daniel-p

    A Liberal JW...

    ... will never be content in the WT organization.

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