The other people

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  • startingover

    When I first read this, I had an epiphany. I decided right then and there that if the bible is from some divine being(s), then I am definitely one the the "other people" and none of what is contained in it applies to me.

    I don't see Ravyn post much anymore, but she turned me on to this. Thanks wherever you are

  • skyman

    I tell them this all the time.

  • nilfun

    Thought-provoking. Thanks for posting that link, Startingover (and Ravyn).

  • peacefulpete

    That was very funny!

  • Lilycurly

    That's fascinating. I have read some of Oberon Zell's books and writtings but this is the first time I see this....I've got lots to think about. It's strangely logic....

  • AuldSoul

    Thanks, startingover. That was very interesting reading. I have never read Genesis from that perspective before.

    I wonder, though, whether they would think Yahweh later stole the thunder of the entire Pantheon by referring to himself as Elohyim. Much to think on...


  • Narkissos

    Yes, funny and nicely written.

    Btw, some people have held similar theories seriously... If I remember correctly, a_Christian came up with a very close version a few months ago, albeit from an apologetic perspective...

  • Lilycurly

    I think, maybe, that Oberon *is* really very serious about it. The guy says he has sucessfully bred unicorns, afterall.

  • Balsam

    I had heard this before, but like the way this is presented to the JW visiting them. I printed this one up it is well worth saving and sharing. I know if someone had shared that with me while I was a JW I would have been doing some re-reading of the bible creation story. But then I was always a very curious JW.

    Thanks for sharing that site, wish I could read the rest of it but it's not in english and I am language handicapped. LOL


  • Lilycurly

    I know, I went to the home page and most of the rest is written in some other language, anyone has a clue of what it is? Anyway, I Googled the author to find more of this kind of stuff. Very entertaining.:P

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