Cheap dubs no wheelchair ramp for sister

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  • serendipity

    She's probably inactive. She may be single. Her relatives may not be JWs. How important do you think she is in her congregation?

  • rwagoner

    I do ADA work for a living and Churches are exempt under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Also just a quick note on the ramp for the woman in the order for a ramp to be usable and meet code it needs to be 1 foot long for each inch of vertical rise. Looking at the picture she had 5 or 6 good sized steps so even if they were only 5 inches of rise each the ramp would need to be 25 or 30 feet long.

    Speaking as someone who goes all over the US doing ADA work it amazes me that the dubs are not more accessible. Even though churches are not covered by the law nearly ever church we see is either accessible now or planning to become accessible when they have the $$.

  • wednesday

    when my father was dying, a church of christ coworker built my dad a ramp and did it without even discussing it. I woke up one day to find a ramp built . He came and prayed with my dad and helped him a lot. JWS never offered to help one bit. One jws finally came and built aramp, (after I begged) in the backyard,and he said "well i've done my duty now, " he left without even saing hello, how are you, kiss may arse. they can all rot for all I care.


  • blondie

    Newer KHs tend to be ADA. Older ones are another problem. I went to one where the restrooms were not accessible for wheelchairs. It wouldn't have taken much to make it so, but they dithered and dithered. That's what can happen when 2 congregations share a hall. One more body of elders to put their 2 cents worth in. So at one point 3 people in wheelchairs were attending, 2 Bible students, and one sister.

    They opted not to do it because only one JW was affected. The Bible students wouldn't necessarily be around very long. One student started attending a newer KH that had facilities and was counseled by the elders that they should go to the KH where they lived.

    It has been 7 years and nothing has been updated. They have the money, but can't make the decision. The kind-hearted ones are outvoted by the cheapskates.

    Imagine not being able to go to a KH because there is no place for you to pee.

    Transportation to the meetings is a problem too. First, having a vehicle large enough for the foldable chairs. Or having access to a van with a lift. The church down the road has a van like that which transports 4 chairs at a time. They make 3 trips to get everyone, one way. BTW, the other Bible student goes there now.

    I wonder how many of the "crippled" will get into the WTS new system to be healed?


  • Beep,Beep

    Religous organizations are EXEMPT from the Americans with Disabilities Act. It would appear that such is so to keep Church and State separate. So no you can not sue your church under A.D.A.

  • undercover

    Not trying to be cruel, but looking at the photo, it's apparent that this lady is not financially well off. It has been my experience in all the years that I was a JW that the unforunate and less-well-to-do in the congregations were shuffled aside.

    If a calamity befell an elder or a prominent publisher, then the congregation was quick to lend a hand. What was interesting was that usually, those that got the lending hand were already sufficiently covered by insurance or other means. The handicapped and/or poor members, usually living hand to mouth on what little government assistance they could get, were normally overlooked, unless of course they were exemplary in the pioneer work. And we all know that if you're handicapped, your service hours aren't going to be that impressive. The poor members were trying to eek out a living to feed their family more than going door to door.

    The world saw first hand this past summer how American society allows a segment of their society slip through the cracks to be swallowed up by disasters and the like. This article shows how JW society also allows a segment of their members to slip through the cracks. Because as JWs, it's not about helping people and displaying charitable works, it's about selling books and magazine and increasing membership ranks. All else takes a back seat and it shows in articles like this one.

  • diamondblue1974
    The congregation bought this property and refurbished it from "scratch", they chose to have the main hall upstairs, and although they promised that they would provide access for disabled ones, they never did (OVER 11 YEARS TO DO THIS).

    I noticed you are in Hereford, UK; under UK law she could have a claim for Disability Discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended).

    The claim would be against both the congregation and or the society in respect of their failure to comply with their duty to make reasonable adjustments and or provide alterations to premises.

    I dont suppose she wants to sue? lol

  • rebel8

    I must be missing something. The article quotes her as complaining that her home does not have a ramp so she cannot get out. I don't see anything in the article indicating it is the KH that doesn't have the ramp.

  • diamondblue1974

    I was responding the poster from Hereford in England....although I had to think about it for a wouldnt be the first time I grabbed the wrong end of the stick

  • MidwichCuckoo

    It would make great news if a WORLDLY company/individual supplied this 'Sister' with her ramp in order for her to get to her JW meeetings....somethingher JW 'brethren' turned a blind eye to.

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