The experience of a Christian elder found in todays WT study

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    Keep in mind too, in JW-think, for a person to question Jehovah, while indicating weakness, is still not as bad as to question the organization...

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  • peacefulpete

    It is widely believed and endorsed that good things come to someone blessed, it is a small and logical step to wonder why the blessing is lacking. JWs often say they do not share the usual view that God is overseeing their everyday lives but out of the other side of their mouth they claim that he directs their lives by manuvering events like losing a job (enabling them to pioneer) or getting one (enabling them to support a pioneer). The Jacob and the fleece story is often used. I was told to 'watch for Jehovah's answer' when facing decisions. It would be quite normal within this rational to assume Jehovah was either causing the illness or his displeasure moved him to allow it. This thinking is reinforced through obsession with the Job story where there are supernatural causes for illness and disaster. Also the acute sense of inadaquacy many feel in the org. would lead a person to assume their own failings are involved. The JWs are forever being told they displease God as sinners.

  • ronin1

    I do not think that this elder was weak.

    No matter how experienced or spiritual we feel ourselves to be, when faced with such a situation, many question God and why it has happend to them. Sometimes our faith in God in shaken by such events, etc.

    His thoughts showed he was at least human.


  • Virgogirl

    Kind of sounds like they made up the story!


    Or maybe he had done something in the past and thought it was catching up with him....which is basically what they are telling the elders now regarding past mistakes. If it is over several years old and they seem to be doing fine there is no need to bring it up as Jehovah has apparently forgiven them.


  • skyman

    The Tower will say anything even if it is not true. Do not believe for one second there is an actual living elder that said this. Just from the pen to the paper is all the truth they need.

  • TheOldHippie

    Get a brain tumor yourselves - and see what kind of thoughts that will emerge ! Afterwards, I am sure one can laugh at them, but when the diagnose is there - it's another story.

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