It's almost Christmas!

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  • under74

    Anyone else excited? I'm not excited about everything...there was a family fight at Thanksgiving that hasn't been totally resolved yet. Not sure how it will all turn out. Also not excited about people wanting really expencive CRAP that they'll forget they have after 3 days.

    BUT I still like all the lights, trees, and movies and stuff....and the meal.

    What about you guys? Likes? Dislikes?.....Depresson?

  • outnfree


    Christmas is my birthday. That part sucks.

    Other than that, I love the carols best. I am planning to attend a secular carol singing event that takes place at a local mall next Saturday, just so I can sing them out loud with others. I wasn't raised a JW, so I know most all of the lyrics. In fact, one of the first things I did after leaving the JWs was to insist that the entire family (my husband was never a JW, but a Roman Catholic, and the kids attended parochial school) attend Midnight Mass just so I could have the joy of hearing the Luke 2 gospel reading (which I had been privileged to read myself in Third Grade), and singing the religious carols. It was momentous, and I may even go again this year if I can drag someone with me. (It never did become a tradition.)

    Now, something my ex- did with the kids every year was to go to a Christmas Tree Farm to choose and chop down a tree together. I, of course, didn't go, being a JW. Once I no longer was a JW, I went, but it is still not my thing. Too damn cold, too much arguing before the perfect tree is settled upon. And yet, when I suggested to my youngest that we'd just do what my family had done when I was a kid -- go to the corner lot and choose a tree -- he was sorely disappointed. He wants to keep that tree cutting tradition, even though he's estranged from his dad. So I guess I freeze my toes off again!

    What I WON'T let the kids dissuade me from is putting tinsel on the tree. My ex- HATED tinsel, and since I was a JW most of our married life, garlands were the rule as I didn't help with the tree-trimming. But tinsel and colored (not white) lights are part of MY pre-JW tradition, and I'm having both of those things on my tree this year. I will even try to be prissily particular about tinsel placement in memory of my late sister, who couldn't abide any "clumps." LOL

    Gift shopping is something I usually enjoy, but I've got a cold and am worried about exposing myself to the flu this year, so I'm not sure what I'll do, since I've barely made a dent yet. Maybe go earlier in the day and actually wear one of those masks?

    More than shopping, I like wrapping. My first job was as a stock person/wrapper and I like to make the presents look nice. This was a guilty pleasure of mine as a JW. While I wouldn't overtly help with the Christmas celebration, I always took pity on my husband and helped him wrap the presents on Christmas Eve. (Sometimes, I helped him shop, too. Only when he "commanded" me, of course!)

    PLUS, I'll have all three of my kids home for Christmas , which was not the case for Thanksgiving this first holiday season post-divorce.

    So what's not to like?


  • under74

    Good post and good to hear. I don't always enjoy the shopping but it depends on the day with me. It's your birthday? That shouldn't suck...just a double holiday. I'm going to have to remember it's your birthday. I understand not getting excited about birthdays but it's nice still to have some "happy birthdays" thrown your way, right?

  • outnfree

    Oh, I LIKE birthdays, under74!

    "Double holiday" is the problem. All of us poor suckers who have birthdays in late December have to cope with people not being around to share them -- vacations out of town, visiting other family members, people having limited cash to buy presents with as they spent most of it on Christmas gifts, people wanting to tie what should be your special day in with Christmas parties, people outright forgetting that it's your birthday because they are all caught up in the obligations of the holiday season, not getting separate B'day cards but rather Christmas cards with an "Oh! and Happy December Birthday, too!" tacked on, etc., and, as a kid, never being able to have a birthday party on your actual birthday because all your friends have family obligations!

    In fact, I am planning on starting a tradition next year to have an annual "Having a December Birthday Really Sucks!" party each year for all my friends and acquaintances who have been relatively gypped all their lives. Not sure if I should hold it in December or in June. December is the common link, but in all reality the financial crunch still exists, whereas in June we could be generous in choosing really nice gifts for one another. Bears some thinking about as I myself try very hard not to forget ANYONE born this month.

    But I still like the trees, the carols and the wrapping!

  • under74

    "All of us poor suckers who have birthdays in late December have to cope with people not being around to share them -- vacations out of town..."

    Ah, I understand now. The party sounds like a good idea--if I can attend even though I don't have my birthday on Christmas or near it...(wink)

  • anewme

    Yeah I like the excitement in the air....always did.

    All my years as a witness I got excited around this time of year.

    We had book study and witnesses over all the time so I could never fudge one bit
    on the house decor.

    But I did change the chair cushions to burgundy. And new matching burgundy placemats and candles sticks. Scented spice and pinetree candles and a sweatered teddy bear or two on a chair.

    I put burgundy bows on things all over the house.

    I put lovely music on and baked cookies for anyone who dropped by.

    I even wore my big silver snowflake pin sometimes. Whats pagan about snowflakes right????

    I did everything I could to give our house a festive feel without the (pinch of incense to the false gods)
    and get busted for celebrating the holiday. It must have worked because many from other book studies would join us at our home after their book study.....

    Now, those were some really good memories....gathering around on a cold winter night before a fire with friends who truly wanted to be with you!

  • anewme

    Oh you reminded me though of how bad the holidays can be if you share them with relatives you are not especially fond of.

    Our thanksgiving meal at my hubby's aunts 3 hours away almost turned into an ugly fight too.

    All my memories of Thanksgiving past in my Irish alcoholic family was a nightmare for me as a child, but comical to think of now.


    I remember as a child getting up early the next day looking at the sad carcass of the turkey and all the food, bowls of gravy and dishes of pickles, olives and mayonaise, still sitting on the table where it was left from the day before and all the adults sawing away in their beds sleeping it off.

    And oh the fights!!!! You could hear them start. "Could you please try and make yourself useful a little bit?" "And tell your stupid sister if she makes another comment about her new PhD I'm going to tell her off, the little conceit!"
    "Calm down, she might hear you. You've already had too much to drink and the turkey is not even out of the oven!"
    "I need to drink to stomach your stupid relatives and their snide comments"
    "Dont let them get to you. Here give me a drink. I'll take some more drinks out to the guests"
    "Put a knock out tablet in your sister's!"

  • Gretchen956

    Today I'm getting my Christmas cards ready for the mail and then we'll have our neice for the weekend. Its so nice sitting here drinking my coffee, listening to Christmas music and doing these cards to those that mean so much to me.

    I love this time of the year!


  • under74

    nobody else is excited...or disgruntled? Even a little?

  • defd

    I dont like it period. It is to commercialised and has NOTHING to do with Jesus. It is actually a dishonoring Holiday. The whole thing is based on lies and untruths.


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